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Well… I am back at home… wait… which home is it? ok .. I am back in Ephrata… that’s better. Anyway, the weekend was way too short… I spend just as much time in the air as I was in Auburn. Well, I have forgotten how hot Auburn is… DANG… it’s hot out there!!!

Anyway… it was good to spend sometime with my parents and my sister… We played some Majong and oh… I got a chance to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…. uh… it’s weird… that is all I have to say. Oh … if I have kids… I would let them watch the 70’s version.

So tomorrow is pretty interesting … we are going to get interview by IEEE Spectrum Magazine, about our fiber to the home (FTTH) project… SWEET…

soo… did I tell you that I been thinking about grad school? But my college GPA was kind of low.

DOH… I knew I shouldn’t have skip those classes … ha ha ha.

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