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Well, interesting lunch we had today. Robert, Ted, and I went to the local Mexican resturant … when we walked up to the booth, some lady across the room said to me … “excuse me … we have one more?” … Then I looked around … there were no waiters around… the lady was talking to me. What the? Do I look like I work in a Mexican resturant? I feel insulted! but then I put that out of my mind and started to talk about podcasting. Yeah… few podcasting idea has been bouncing around in my mind. One is I would like to do an anime review podcast with Sergeon. Since sergeon and I both watch so much anime… and we discuss about it anyway… I thought why not record it and then release it as a podcast?
Well… got to get back to work… my head is not hurting anymore… but it is raining outside.
I still miss you Hsiu…

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