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I feel that I really care about her and she doesn’t feel the same way. Why am I so silly that I am here hurting and trying to understand what is going on and she doesn’t feel anything. Maybe she does, but why is she so cold? Why is she pushing everything away. Hsiu Hsiu is having a cold in Shanghai right now. I worry about her. Why do I worry about her? Even if I worry about her … she doesn’t care that I worry about her. Am I really such a bad person that no girl appreciates my love and care? I care about you, Hsiu…. I really love you, Hsiu… I know you love me too… so why all this? why can you not come to me? I will take care of you. I will …

I hate shanghai… I hate china…. I hate all that is causing this situation.

SCREW this !

I will just remain single and alone … that’s fine … no one have to worry about me… JUST GO AWAY, WORLD… I am just fine!

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