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Just got back from the Batman movie with my coworkers. My friends were very nice… they were kind enough to go out on a Wednesday night and catch a movie, with me. Yeah.. I got to get out and do something… or else… I will start thinking about crazy stuff. Anyway… I had dinner with Ted and afterward we walked over to the Movie Theater and met up with Ken and Robert and Robert’s Wife. Yes … Ephrata is that small… If I wanted to, I could have walked from my house to the theater… I was glad I did not…after I got back from the theater.. I realized that the temperature dropped dramatically. Burr… I keep on for getting that it is the desert out here. Anyway… I am diverting… back to Batman….

Batman was a good movie. It was not like the previous Batman movies… this one is more realistic… this one is also more character development then the other ones. It really let you understand and find out who Batman really is.

I recommend this movie… even if you did not like the other Batman movies before… this one is worth the watch.

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