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I feel really bad all yesterday… and I feel really bad all last night. I keep having dreams of quiting my job and going to Shanghai. I just feel like I lost all that I’ve been waiting for and hoping for for the last couple of years. I waited until she graduated… then she left for Asia… I waited and waited watching all the stuff that she left behide, thinking that she will comeback to me one day. And now that day will never come. I feel like crap.

So… attempting to cheer myself up … I decided to spend money…
I bought an Ipod Photo 60 gig.
I figure… I bought 2 other ipods for everyone else… why should I not get one to cheer me up?
so I got one… It is coming in two days .. I hope.
So the next thing I need is to get a BMW to match my Ipod right?
Oh yeah…

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