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I was looking at some new years pictures from my friend Raymund. I was like… oh how cool how did you take those cool party pictures. He said, well, I use some 1600 iso and 3200 iso and so on and so forth. But oh darn, my 300d doesn’t support 3200 iso. But then I remember the Russian 300D hack firmware I saw a while back. So last night, I installed the modified firmware on my 300D and BAM! I have 3200 ISO on my camera. I test it out and yep … it is more grainy than 1600 and it is more sensitive to light. I will have to try it out at the next party I go to. The only problem I have with it right now is … I don’t know what are all the feature do and what does the AF OS and AF AI and so on….

Anyone have a clue?

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