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Well, it has been a while since I posted on my blog. Let’s see so many things has happened in the short month of November. Let’s recap. I turned 28 on the First! I went to Shanghai and visited China for the first time on the 9th – 14th. Auburn Beat Alabama on the 20th. I was home in Auburn for Thanksgiving from 23rd – 26th. on the 27th I moved from my little rented old house to an much, much newer duplex. Yeah… This place has all the modern necessities such as a central air, dishwashers, and a one car garage. I also got a roommate. So my over all cost per month went down. Pretty cool huh? The new place is great… I am really enjoying it.

Wow… and now it is December. And Auburn Won the SEC championship. Auburn is now 12-0 for the first time. War Eagle!!! But This is such a weird year … even perfection is not good enough for Auburn to compete for the National Championship. How sad 🙁 But besides that Auburn did an Awesome job this year!!!

As for me … work is still my main focus… and every free moment of my mind I think about Hsiu Hsiu. I miss her so much… it is hard to describe. Anyway… got to get back to work

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