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Happy Birthday!!!

Well, today I turn 28. Wow… 28!!! Well… not much has happened today…. humm let see I woke up, went to work… oh and it snowed today… Yeah… it snowed last year on my birthday too. So after a full day of work.. I am at home relaxing and watching Van Helsing… so far it is a pretty cool movie. little bit of James Bond and a litte bite of Blade.

So … yesterday was Halloween and I gave away about 3 bags of candy. That’s pretty fun… of course I only give away the good stuff… like Kit Kats and Snickers … ummm…. I always remember how much fun I had when I was a kid in halloween. But you know, I hate high school kids that don’t dress up and still come out and ask for candy… that is just lame.

I miss you Hsiu Hsiu. That’s ok… I will be in Shanghai soon… next week I will celebrate with my wonderful fiancee in China!!

By the way… everyone Vote Bush tomorrow!!

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