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Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!! Today is my one year anniversary working here at the PUD. I can’t believe that it is one year already. I have learned so many things and so many things have changed in the PUD since I got here. For example, currently I am on my sixth supervisor and the fiber project is not moving as fast as I expected. It is mostly because of political BS. So after one year, what do I think about Grant County and Ephrata? Not bad, it is a lot smaller than Houston, but hey� 2 and a half hours away from Seattle. Now, that is a pretty cool town. Still I can�t believe that so many things have changed and so many things stays the same.

Some of the things that stayed the same �

1) I still have a house in Houston� what gives? someone want to buy a townhouse in Houston?

2) No updates on my website in a long while� just too busy � no time� not even for blogs� crazy.. huh

3) Still the same car … for now.. that may change soon… got to sell the house first

Some of the things that changed�.

1) I am engaged � but no wedding plans yet

2) Hsiu Hsiu graduated � and it is now in Shanghai� I miss her so much

3) There are other small things … but I just don’t remember right now.

4) … oh …. I guess that means I am getting more forgetful.

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