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I don’t know why … but I been really into the old school superheros lately. Especially, the Justice League and the Green Lantern. I just think that they are so cool. I wonder if they are ever going to make a Green Lantern movie. Even if they do… they probably mess it up. Just like all the comic to Hollywood movies. Anyway… This morning I saw an episode of Duck Dodgers … staring Daffy Duck. It is called Green Loontern. It was pretty cool. It had all the cameos from other well known Green Lanterns… such as Guy Gardern, John Stewart, Hal Jordan, and many more. it is actually pretty cool.

so… good morning and ..

“In brightest day, in blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight!

Let those who worship evil’s might,

beware my power.. Green Lantern’s light!”

— Green Lantern Oath…

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