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Wow… this is pretty cool… Blogger has change their format again. They probably changed it a while back… but life has been busy. Well, as some of you might know I am starting trying to pick up the game of golf … so because today is such a beautiful day, I decided to visit the driving range. I still suck… but at least I am starting to hit the ball. After the driving range, I drove around town looking for a new place to live. Why? Because my current place don’t have central AC. Coming from the South, it is hard to imagine anywhere where there isn’t central AC, but around here central air is a luxury item and it is hard to find too. So did I find anything? maybe… I found a duplex with an attached garage, but I am not sure if it has fiber or AC. You know Fiber and AC are two of the most important things in deciding a place to live around here. Well… while I am sitting here in Ephrata, my family are having a crawfish boil. :-(… I miss crawfish boils!!! AHHHHH!!! well… the good news is that my folks and my sis are coming up to visit next week. Whoo hoo!!! I just can’t wait.

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