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So I did mention how nice it is outside right? So I am sitting in the front yard, with my 802.11b wireless card connecting to the internet, writing my blog. Ok you say that’s nothing new right? Yep, you are absolutely correct, but I am also listen to MP3s from my Nomad Zen Xtra MP3 Jukebox. So you are saying … that’s nothing new either… and I say you are right again. But what is new is I am sitting outside and the music is coming from my Bose boom box and the Zen is outside with me. So how am I doing this?? With a FM transmitter of course!!! Yep, I got a FM transmitter for my MP3 player. It was only 10 dollars shipping included. So which one did I get? I’ve bought the Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter . I have to say, it actually works pretty well. It works very well in cars as well. So what am I listening to on the MP3 jukebox/Bose setup? Well… I am glad you asked. I am listening to RIP SLYME. It is a Japanese group… so I don’t understand a word they are saying, but their music as an interesting beat to it. I got introduced to this group by my friend Serg and also by the new anime series called GANTZ. It is a very interesting series.

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