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What a crazy weekend… I am glad I finally got home. Why am I saying that? Well, because my car broke down again in Seattle. Yep… what is strange was that my car actually started to over heat at the exact same spot on the highway where it over heated last time. I actually pulled in to the same McDonald to let me car cool down. After buying another gallon of coolant from the quicki-mart, we slowing drove the car to the nearest mechanic shop. After opening the hood and looking at if for a while, we determined that it was the top radiator hose that was busted. With mechanic gone, the small gas station was not able to work on it until Monday. So we parked the car at the gas station and Hsiu Hsiu and I ending up catching a cab back to the hotel. So last night, we actually walked around and started to look at new cars. So this morning we took the bus from Bellevue to the airport. Meanwhile It was actually not too bad, we get a chance to see different part of Seattle that we don’t usually see. After I sent off Hsiu Hsiu, I decide to try to find the radiator hose at the local auto parts store and try to fix my car myself. I mean , it is just the radiator hose…. how hard could it be. After taking the bus from the airport to Uncle Chen’s house, I was able to borrow his car and pick up a radiator hose a the local Schuck’s Auto Parts. With the hose in hand and my leatherman, I drove back to the gas station and started to work on my car. After about 2 hours of wrestling with the hose and trying to fill the coolant, I finally got it working and I stop the engine from over heating…. Yeah me! … So after driving around a bit and making sure that it was indeed working , I went to the Chinese store and grab some stuff and started heading home. So here I am. I think I will start to look for a new car soon. The Toyota Matrix Sounds good!!!

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