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So what’s going on in my life… actually lots and lots of stuff… sometimes I just wish I have some more time to write it all down on my blog. I really have been slacking on my blogs and on updating my websites. It is not like I don’t have any new pictures… actually I have lots and lots and lots of new photos since 11/2003 … but I just have not been updating my site. One is because I been too lazy… and the other is I’ve been too busy… I mean GEE Weez… they actually make me do work in this new job… ha ha ha… Actually work has been wonderful. It is alot of fun and it has been really challenging.

OK … so let’s talk aboout what’s been going on lately….

Well…. this weekend my fiancee come to visit me for valentines day… see this is what she gave me for valentines… Isn’t it beautiful!!! She made it all by herself too!!! cool huh?

So this weekend, we finally made it to Seattle. I’ve made reservation at a Spanish resturant in downtown Seattle. The place is called Madrid 522. It is located few blocks from the space needle. Thanks to Uncle Chen, we were able to get reservation at 5:00 pm. It was either at 5:00pm or at 10:00 pm. How can anyone eat at 10:00 pm for dinner??? Anyway… the food there was pretty good. The important thing is the atmosphere was awesome!!!

So here are some of the events that happened on Sunday

Pikes Market

Cool market� it is sort of like the French market in New Orleans and a little bit like the Chinese market place. It is right at the edge of downtown

Seattle Chinatown

Finally, some good dim sum. The Chinese food in Seattle is actually pretty good. And the cool thing is, it�s right next to downtown Seattle. Yeah� I think I will definitely have to go back there again.

Open House in Queen Ann

While we were in Seattle, my friend took us to Queen Ann, which is a hill north of downtown Seattle over looking the downtown skyline. While we were there we found a townhouse for sale, and it is open for open house. So we decide to visit it. Hey, who knows I might just buy a place in Seattle. Well, I love the place. It was like my place in Houston, except a bit bigger and a bit more beautiful. My fianc嶪 also loved it. Well� we really love it, until we saw the price� $585,000. OUCH!!! Yeah� it is still a pretty cool house, but it is just too darn expensive.


So after the open house, my friend drops us off next to the space needle. We decided not to go up on the space needle, because it was just too pricy. So we decide to take the monorail to downtown. I find the monorail kind of funny. It was a demonstration for the future of transportation back in the 1960�s Worlds Fair and since then� not much has been added to the monorail. It goes from the needle to downtown� about six blocks�. Zoom� and you are there� I have to say one thing� it was pretty quick ride. But in some ways I was a little bit disappointed. I mean� in the last 40 years the monorail hasn�t made any progress.

Tulley�s Coffee

My friend told us that people in Seattle prefer Tulley�s coffee. Hsiu Hsiu and I never had Tulley�s coffee before, so in the afternoon we spend most of our time searching for Tulley�s coffee. The funny thing about that is, when you are looking for something you can never find it. After walking all around, downtown� including visiting Tiffany�s� we finally found Tulley�s coffee� Not bad� not bad at all�

Downtown Seattle

We were very, very fortunate because on Sunday afternoon, we actually got some really good weather in Seattle. Seattle is usually pretty wet and nasty during winter times, but we actually got to enjoy a very mild weather day. Seattle downtown is very beautiful. I miss big cities sometimes.


Since I took Hsiu Hsiu out of dinner on Saturday night, Hsiu Hsiu took me out for Japanese food on Sunday night in downtown Seattle. We found this nice little Japanese restaurant with a view of the bay and right next to the art museum. The food was very good, it has been a long time since I had some good sushi�. Once again� this is one of the reasons why I miss big cities� Sushi!!!

Seattle Metro

After dark, Seattle downtown pretty much shuts down. We could not find the right bus stop for our bus, so we called the Seattle Metro hotline. Amazingly, they were so helpful. They were able to tell me exactly where to wait for the bus and they were able to tell me exactly when the next bus will arrive. I mean exactly!!! The bus arrived the exactly the time that the metro assist said. Cool~~~

And that concludes another wonderful day�.

Oh � and I won on Mahjong that evening � with the help of Hsiu Hsiu of course �. And oh� and �. On March 6th I am going on a trip to Taiwan… whoo hoo!!!

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