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I know it has been a while since I last posted on my blog… it seems that ever since I moved to Washington, I just have less and less time to update my site and post on the blog. Now, it is not that I have less content to share… Actually, I think I have a lot more… It is just that I don’t have the extra time that I use to have. Which is good I guess. So Let me give everyone an update on what’s been going on… Starting from the beginning of last week…..

Dec. 16th 2003 ….

I registered to vote today… Woo hoo… Hey Scott … I finally did it… And hey they even gave me a copy of the Bill of Rights.

So now I am a registered voter, all those public officials better watch out or you are out of there … Ok ok at least you don’t get my vote.

Dec 18th 2003 ….

Hsiu Hsiu arrives today… I took a half day and drove to Spokane to pick her up. The drive was not bad at all.

Dec 19th 2003 …

Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King

Yes… Today… Tom, Mara, Hsiu Hsiu and I went to see the LotR:TRotK … All I have to say is COOL!!! Three years of watching LotR is finally over … What am I going to do next year??? The movie was really good. I don’t think there were any bad moments in the movie. The interesting thing about watching the movie in Ephrata was that first we got a pizza booth. Yes in the theater in Ephrata there are actually pizza booth in the back … So you can have your pizza and soda and enjoy a movie…. Cool huh? And the price wasn’t bad either. Second… half way through the 3 1/2 hours long movie… an intermission popped up. What? an intermission? isn’t that something from the long distant past? But it was actually pretty cool … because it give everyone to run to the restroom without missing a beat of the movie. and the theater gets to make some extra bucks by selling concessions…. it is a win win situation. During the intermission, I also felt the small town atmosphere in the theater… it is pretty cool… you just don’t see that in Houston or any of the big cities. A really unique experience indeed.

Dec. 20 2002

We woke up and it was cold and all white outside and we had a xmas brunch to attend to in Moses Lake.

And on the way there Hsiu Hsiu and I got lost in the snowy road of Moses Lake … Doh!!!

But we eventually found our way….

Breakfast brunch at Terry M’s

Thank you Terry for inviting us to your wonderful Christmas Brunch. Hsiu Hsiu and I had a wonderful time. The brunch at Terry’s was wonderful… she have a beautiful house, all decorated … I really felt the xmas spirit in the air. The brunch was delicious and plentiful… umm umm…. so good…. After the brunch we got a chance to talk with friends and play some ping pong…. boy it has been so long since I last played…. but I can still do my spinning serv. 😛

Once again … that was a wonderful Brunch….. Thanks Terry…..

After the wonderful brunch we headed to Spokane…

Once we got to Spokane, we found this wonderful Japanese restaurant… it is called Suki Yaki Inn. It is one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants , Hsiu Hsiu and I have been. We ordered some “shabu shabu” and I’ve also ordered some sushi. The sushi was pretty good … but I still say it doesn’t beat the sushi in Houston’s Osaka restaurant. We spend a day around Spokane visiting downtown and finding every Chinese markets there …. which btw … they don’t have much in Spokane.

After a day around Spokane… Hsiu Hsiu and I finally end up at the airport… she has a overnight flight back to ATL.

Dec 22, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is back home in Auburn for one day ….

Dec 23, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is on the plane back to Taiwan… 🙁 I wish I would be there with her. Well… only two more days before xmas … and it looks like I won’t be able to find a ticket back home for xmas.

…. Merry Christmas….

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