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Well, this just sucks… I try to get my license change over to Washington State license and … too many people … so after waiting for about 30-45 mins, the only guy in the DMV tells us that he will not be able to give anyone else the written test for the rest of the day and tomorrow is a holiday…. come back on Wednesday… Well.. the problem with that is I am going down to Portland on Wednesday morning…. Well… that sucks… I guess I will wait another 2 weeks for get my license. Oh and I also tried to get my license plates for my car and … Well… that was also unsuccessful. They wanted me to find provide document that my dad paided taxes on the car when he bought it. humm… or else I will have to pay taxes on the book value of the car. humm… I wonder if my dad just sell it to me for $0.01, will I still have to pay for the book value or just pay taxes for 1 cent? oh… and I wasted another 30 minutes there… so after 1 hour and 15 mins … I have accomplished absolutely nothing…. and I guess I can only try again in 2 weeks… I hope I don’t get charged extra for trying to get my plates and license late…. I shouldn’t… right?

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