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Wow…. I just finished watching The Matrix: Revolution. It is ok… I guess they ended the series the best that they can. I still think that they should have ended it after The Matrix. All the actions in the movies were already seen before. They have alot of ties to the game “Enter the Matrix” and the anime collection “Animatrix”. Which probably confused alot of people. But even then, they still left alot of things open and in question till the end. What is Neo? what is the deal with Agent Smith? Oh and what happened to the twins? For some reason, I just feel that this last one is just incomplete. It seems like they were in a hurry and they were low on budget, so just sort of slapped it all together. I hate to say it but I have to give it a 3 out of 10. YEP… Everything has a beginning and an End. I would love to hear some more comments from people.

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