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I know what’s on many people�s mind today is the big New York power blackout that started yesterday afternoon. So how does this affect me? I mean, I am way down south in Houston, Texas. Which BTW, Texas has its own power grid, and it is isolated from the rest of the nation. I guess people here think that when the time comes to declare Texas independence, an independent power grid would make things a lot easier� right? Anyway, I digress. How the big blackout up north affects me is that Hsiu Hsiu, my girlfriend, and her mom and her sister were up there on vacation. Yesterday afternoon was suppose to be her flight back. She was going to leave from Boston and connect through Detroit and return to Atlanta. Of course, everyone knows that Detroit is also affected by the power outage. But luckily, Hsiu Hsiu was very quick on her feet, as soon as she heard about the outage; she quickly lined up with the airline rep. and requested a flight transfer. And fortunately, they were able to find 3 tickets on a direct flight from Boston to Atlanta on a Delta flight. So to make the story short, she is back home in Auburn, safe and sound. When I talked to her last night, she sounded very, very tired. I think she need a couple days of rest in Auburn to recover from her vacation up in the northeast.

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