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Rich people are so weird�

During lunch, I was invited to a VIP luncheon at the Houston City Club. It is a new members introduction luncheon. Man� I feel so out of place. I think I am the only one that is under 30 years old in the luncheon. The meal was pretty good. It was a 3 course meal with salad, a chicken breast and rice entr嶪, very fancy and a chocolate pie desert � very fancy as well. Anyway, the membership coordinators talked about all the benefit of the club and how everything works around the club and gee� it is pretty high class club. They do not use money in this club. You can sign for everything and at the end of the month; they will send you a bill. Boy� high class. So what�s weird about this? Well, nothing is wrong with the club and the luncheon, it is high class and pretty fancy, but I can handle that. So what is weird are some of the new member�s questions. For example, one lady asked and continues to complain about the free cookies they offer at the lobby. I don�t understand what�s wrong with free chocolate chip cookies? Her argument is that, she is here in the club to work out and enjoy the fancy benefits, how can she stay on her workout and diet when there are chocolate chip cookies around for her to grab at will. She also complained about the meal we just had saying that it was not healthy? Wait a minute� she wants the fancy high class club, but she doesn�t want anything that looks not healthy there? No one is forcing her to eat anything that was offered to her� if she wants to eat healthy and work on her diet then don�t eat the cookies and don�t eat the free lunch. I, for one, really enjoyed everything. For 45 bucks a month, I get free lunches, and some time free dinners, and sometime free breakfast. I also get to network with people in Houston, and get access to a gym 7 days a week, plus racquet ball courts� I think it�s great!

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