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Well… today it is still a cooler day… the high is only going to get to 89 degrees F. My little sister is feeling a lot better now. Her fever has gone away. As for me … The first thing I have to do today is to count how many patched up connection we have in the Greenway campus. I am not talking about active or available… I can do all that will a scanning script I wrote. But we are talking about how many are patched in. Personally, I think it is very stupid and a big waste of time. So once I wasted my time to do everything, what will that information really tell me??? What will it provide that the total available ports and the total active ports will not? I don’t know… I hope they just get this whole outsourcing crap over with soon. Remember I only need one!!!…. and at least I have a job….

So … on to my port counting…. hey! I am glad I got an engineering degree so I can count ports….

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