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I know I have not been posting in a while… but I guess I will start by talking a little bit about what happened on Tuesday …


Tuesday started late as well and that was my fault. Hsiu Hsiu has been packing all night and I did not realize how much stuff she had. I showed up at her old apartment with my dad�s truck and ready to move around 9:00am � stupid me� she had to move everything out by 12:00 pm. Needless to say� I started to haul butt moving. Because she can�t move in to her old apartment until next week, we had to move all of her stuff to my parent�s garage. So after 3 truck loads we finally got everything moved over. Unfortunately, during the move one of Hsiu Hsiu�s baby fish did not survive. I am sorry. Afterward, we went to Niffers for lunch. Man, I tell you there�s nothing like a hard day of work and then having some good old southern sweet tea. Oh and I really like their Chicago burgers too. And in the last afternoon that day we drove to ATL and I flew back to Houston�. Oh and I did receive on interesting phone call�.

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