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The morning started pretty early, I went to pick up Hsiu Hsiu around 7:30 and we all headed out to Lake Martin around 8:00. We spend most of the morning fishing under the bridge in Lake Martin, and my bad luck with fishing continues. Everyone caught a fish except for me. My dad told me how easy it is to fish in Lake Martin, but since last year, every time I go, I have not caught a single fish. Man, I suck. Lunch was pretty cool; we parked our boat on the dock and walked up the stairs to a restaurant next to the lake. After lunch we continue to fish, and I gave up and decided to sleep on the boat instead. I tell you, sleeping on the boat with a cool breeze is awesome. So finally around 4 we headed home. When we got home, I finally watched the Chinese movie Hero. It was pretty good but pretty much everything was already done before and the store line was little bit more complicated than most American can understand. Dinner was wonderful, my mom cooked couple of the fish we caught today� ok, everyone else caught except for me. After dinner, we watched another Chinese movie that I brought back and it concluded another wonderful and fun fill day�. I tell you � time flies by too fast� and tomorrow we�ve got to start packing up for Hsiu Hsiu.

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