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I am so sore from working out yesterday… I guess this means I am really out of shape. Anyway… had an interesting dream last night. I was with my girlfriend, we were on a train. She had a dog with her on a leash, but it is not her usual dog. It looked like her dog at home but it is just a bit lighter in color. As soon as we got off the train, I saw a dog in the distance running. At this time we were all in a big grassy field. Then my girlfriend started to call the dog in the distance to come over. The dog in the distance was her dog. Her dog came by and both dogs started to play. One was running around on a leash, while the other one was running free. Then I heard my girlfriend say to keep an eye on the dog with the leash because he might run away and not come back. I don�t remember much after that. Pretty weird dream right? What does it mean???

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