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Every so often my friend Jim will send me some good pictures and some good stories. Well… today Jim sent me a riddle… it is pretty cool… so se if you can figure it out. Post it on the comment section below. In a couple of days I will post the result if no one got the answer. Have fun!!!

Three men go to dinner and each buys a $10 steak meal. At the end of the meal the waitress presents them with their check totaling $30. They each chip-in $10 for a total of $30.

The waitress goes back to the register where the manager tells her the meals should be discounted $5. Not knowing how to split $5 between three people, she gave them each one dollar back and kept $2 for herself.

Together the men paid $30 and got $3 back meaning they paid a total of $27. The waitress kept $2 so that totals $29. Where did the last dollar go?

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