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Well… the following should be a post for yesterday… but since Blogger was updating my blogs to the new version of blogger… I was not able to post… so… here it is…. once again… this was yesterday during lunch….

Well, an interesting event happened today around lunch. My friend and I were in the break room having lunch talking about worldly events and trivia facts when one of my friends decided to check in the freezer again. There is a one gallon bucket of ice cream that has been sitting in the 4th floor freezer for over 2 weeks. My friend looked in the freezer saw the bucket of ice cream, took it out and put it on the table and said, �� the ice cream is still here� We have had many conversations about this bucket of ice cream and could never figure out who�s ice cream it was. So in the back of our minds, we decided that who ever left the ice cream probably has forgotten about it, so it should be fair game. I mean, the ice cream has been in the freezer untouched for 2 weeks. So right at that moment, I leaned over and too the top off the ice cream, while my other friend start scooping the ice cream in to a foam cup. We figure, they won�t miss a little ice cream. Right when we are working on the second round of ice cream a lady walks into the break room and headed straight for the freezer, opened it, looks in and walked right out and said that she was from the concierge service. We were a little bit confused about her actions but did not really think much of it. About 30 minutes later, my friend walks by and said, �Hey, there is a sign up on the Ice Cream that says compliment of the concierge service.� OOPS� does this mean that the ice cream was theirs? I mean how did they know that we were eating it? I was feeling kind of bad. After talking a while with my buddies, we decided to go visit the concierges and apologies for our crime of stolen ice cream. When we got there, I walked in and said, � uh� we are here to apologies for eating the ice cream you guys had on 4th floor�� eek� it was tough to say�.but I spilled it out. Then all the sudden the concierges were laughing and said, �don�t worry about it� the ice cream was for you guys anyway. Every so often we have an ice cream float treat for each floor and the ice cream that was left in your freezer was for that purpose�. By that time it was already too late, my friends and I were already super embarrassed. And everyone was just laughing. So� after all that� I think we need some more ice cream� don�t you think???

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