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Well, after 4 years of faithful service, last night I finally retired my freesco box. My freesco box was actually a 486 100mhz box with no cd rom drive and 32 megs of ram and a 40 meg harddrive. So in its place, I installed a D-link DI-614+ wireless router plus 4 build in switch ports. Actually, it was a lot better then I ever expected. I mean for $39 bucks (after rebate� which I have to remember to mail out) you can�t really beat that. I have to say that I am very impress with the capabilities of this little router. It will do all the port forwarding and even set firewall rules and port opening base on time of the day. If you wanted to be really cool you can even set a machine in a virtual DMZ. The only thing I don�t think it does is manages DNS�but then again, I may be wrong� I just have to play with it a little more tonight. As you can see, is now running behind this little 39 dollars box.

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