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It has been an awful, awful lunch…. Well, as usual, today I decided to go home for lunch… so when I left for home, I had my work id and off I go. The weather was pretty wet but I figure, that’s ok I will be home shortly. When I finally got home I realized that I am missing two very important things. First, I did not have my keys. Second, I don’t have my work ID. So somewhere along the way, I have lost one or both of these items. Of course immediately, I started to back track. I was half way to the trolley stop, when the down pour starts. I started to run and caught the next available trolley. I looked on the trolley and did not find my ID. When I got back to the office, A there was my keys. Good… that’s one down. So I decided I would catch the next trolley and start looking for my badge. Ok to make the story short… after 5 trolleys later and a wet Min. I decided to give up looking. When I returned to my office, Greg said, “You know, you probably should go and deactivate your old badge and see if you can get a new one.� So I did I followed his advice and went to get my old badge deactivated. To my surprise, the badge lady deactivated my badge, reprinted a new badge for me, and gave me a new badge pulley all within 5 minutes. Wow, that was fast. I guess, I should have done that from the start, instead of getting all wet in the rain. Oh well…

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