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Good Morning… or something like it… Well… today is the first time I spend the night in the company. so … I guess it is around 6:07 am now… and I am still at work. I did not have dinner because I came in to the office around 5:00 pm. I miss my “Hot Pot” Dinner that I have planned for last night. {Sigh} … So who do I blame? I blame the stupid SQL worm. Well, it pretty much took out our entire company, everything was stopped. We had to shut down all server, all internet, and all computers within the corporations. …. so, as you can imagine, I spent hours trying to do damage control on all the locations that has been hit. Fun Fun Fun…… I don’t know when I will be home… but I hope it will be before the super bowl. Oh … guess what I had for Dinner?…or is it Breakfast…. anyway… the only thing I had to eat since I started working today is a Jelly doughnut and it was not even Krispy Kreme…

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