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Well, Guys and Gals… my big adventure back to Taiwan is not complete. I am back home after another long long trip through the air. It was another 24 hours travel day. There were couple of thing differen on the return trip. First, on our return trip we went over the pacific and over alaska, instead of over Greenland and asia area. So in short, I guess you can say that we circle the globe on this trip to Taiwan. Second, I had to visit my good old friends at the INS again when I reenter in to the US. Well, it was quite interesting. Both Hsiu Hsiu and I got call in to the special INS office to be questioned. For some reason, we were concidered suspisious. After being questioned for about 5 mins, asking anything from when is your birthday to did you go anywhere else besides taiwan and when was the last time you are in the US. I finally got an answer to why we were concidered suspisious. for some reason, the INS computer shows that our tickets to Taiwan were purchased in Bangkok. Bangkok? we never even been to Bangkok. We purchased our tickets from a travel agent in Atlanta. Anyway, after showing the INS officers all the documentations proving that we purchase our tickets in Atlanta and not Bangkok. We were cleared. Special thanks to Hsiu Hsiu for keeping up with all the travel documents. I would have never though about bringing all those stuff. I will now. Third event that was different on the return trip. Hsiu Hsiu got upgraded to first class on the last leg of our trip from Newark to Houston. Woo Hoo!! Yep Hsiu Hsiu got to spend 3 hours in First class hobnobing with all the rich folks. She says the food and service was better then economy, but it still can’t compare to Cathay Pacific’s economy class. It makes you wonder what’s CP’s Business or First Class like? Hummm….

Finally, when we finally got to Houston, I though the adventure was over, but I was wrong. After we picked up our luggage, we went to call for a taxis. One would think that would be an easy task. Well, in Houston, Texas, it is not an easy task. Last night, there were a line at the taxis stand. That’s really no big deal, until about 6 or 7 taxis showed up and no one was moving. For some reason there some confusion so the cab were not moving and the people were not loading up. So we ended up with about 2 lines. One line of people wanting to get in to a cab and another line of cabs wanting people to get on. How stupid. Only in Houston will you see something is stupid. Anyway, after about 30-45 mins of trying to get a taxis we finally got one and were on our way home.

Well… it is good to be home. I will try to work on a page just for the Taiwan trip sometime soon.

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