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While I was Waiting in line at the INS …. I wrote the following….

Is it just me or is it always the coldest right before the sun rise. 7 more minutes and it will be 6:00 am!

INS must have hired Disney to create their waiting line. I finally turned the corner and realized what was causing the line to move. It is not people are being processed but instead the fornt doors are opened and you are led to a inside room with lines. It is now 6:21 AM.

It is now 7:06 am. I am still in line inside the building. There are a lot of people in front of me and there are only 40 numbers availiable. I just hope not everyone in front of me needs a number for the citizenship officer. It would really suck if I get to the end of the line and find out that “sorry, thatls all th numbers for the day”. We will see.

7:21 and I am just a few more people until the “window of waiting numbers”.

So I got to the end of the line and spoke to some one and what she told me is to “Follow the blue line and speak to the people there” so I am now at the end of the blue line and waiting… It is 7:37.

I just spoke to some one at the end of the blue line and she is now telling me that they can do this but no one has the key to the safe. You may need to come back tomorrow. But let me check… And the suspense continues……

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