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I finally got a response around 7:50 and the answer is “Oops, it seems like we made a mistake, but we can’t help you to fix it either. You will have to get your ass back to the south boy… back to Atlanta.” Ok, maybe that was not exactly what they said, but the point is they can’t do anything about it and they are sending me back to Atlanta to get processed. What really gets me is that, when I asked them what they need to verified me and put the seal on the certificate. They responded, �We will need to verify all document such as court records to show that you are a citizen.� So I asked, �Can you not do that through the computer?� They replied, �No!� By this time I am all fired up and I asked, �So if someone get in to something and need a citizenship verification, you guys will actually call all the INS around the country to see if that person is a citizen or not?� They answered, �Oh no, we do that through the computer.� � ??? � ???? � what the heck? �So what does the computer say about my status?� I asked. �The computer says you are a citizen�. �So why can I not get a seal and a date on my certificate? � �Because this was processed through Atlanta and you can only get it done in Atlanta!… sorry.�

Is it just me or does it make sense to everyone else??

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