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I just got a very interesting letter from our great leaders in our company. It is an email about cost cutting. Well, I guess something must be going on with our company, because our great leaders are now telling us to cut down on our daily costs. Some examples of what�s being cut are no more FedEx shipping unless necessary, no more use of fax machines, no more Starbucks coffees, no more shuttles to greenway, no more plant and, watering service. Even though, I agree with most of the cost saving topics there is one that I strongly disagrees with. That is no more exercise clothing for Travis Fitness Center. Well, as you know, I just joined the Travis Gym last week and I really enjoy it. The best part about the Travis Gym is that they provides everything, the only thing I have to bring are my shoes. I guess that won�t be true for long. What I don�t understand is why can�t they just raise the price and keep the service? Does this mean that the monthly fee to the Travis Gym will be less??? I truly doubt it.

Man � This sucks!!!

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