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So… my flight back home is at 5:00 pm MST. So I got some time to burn right now. Did I ever tell you guys how I hate Southwest Airline? I dislike southwest airline because … 1st, they have really crappy planes. 2nd, they have the cattle herding method of boarding. 3rd, they have open seating. Ok maybe a lot of it is why a lot of people love them, but to me all the stuff listed above bothers me. But you say� �Hey, Southwest Airline is cheaper!!� But in reality, not really, Southwest is not cheaper. It usually seems cheaper because one, they are not listed in any common online travel places. The only place where you can see there fares are at Second, all of their fares are listed as one way, so when you multiply the amount by 2, it comes out to be about the same. So, the question you got to ask yourself, for the same amount of money, do I really want to fly Southwest so I can build up frequent flyer miles on Southwest and fly Southwest again on my next vacation???? I mean what�s up with that???

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