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Thelma’s BBQ

I just got back from lunch with Pat, Greg, and Jon. They are all co-workers of mine. We went to this “hole-in-the-wall” BBQ place in the east side of town. The place is called Thelma’s BBQ. The place was not much to look at. In fact, I was not sure if it was open or not, but it had some good home cooking style BBQ. Needless to say, I am totally stuffed. I don’t think I will be eating much for dinner tonight. You guys can read the review from the Houston Press here.

ooooH! Start getting sleepy… must stay awake…..

2 comments to Thelma’s BBQ

  • Chanice C.

    Thelma’s Barbecue is AWESOME! I had heard about it when a few of my friends at TSU kept bragging about it on twitter. I thought I’d finally give it a try. Now, walking in, i was taken back abit, but oh well, this is the “hood” as they say. I ordered the chopped beef sandwich, received it in that next 15 minutes, and must I say, it’s as big a serving as a Chili’s restaurant. And when I tell it was DELICIOUS, I am not lying. I love this place and I now know where I will faithfully go to eat my lunch.

  • Yes … it was awesome when I was there 10 years ago!!! Are they still around???

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