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Boy… I am going to have a late dinner tonight. Well, I just got home from D&B;. It was alot of fun as usual. I went with Scott, Wendy, and John right after work. We had about 60-80 dollars worth of coupons from March of Dimes that we must use up by tomorrow. But of course we can only use one per person per day…. So… I became Mr. Happy person. I walked around D&B; and looked for any little kid that is dying to play the games, but had either just ran out or doesn’t have any credits to begin with, and give them a 10 dollars coupon. I figure, if I was a kid, I would love it if someone walked up to me and give me 10 dollars of game play. So .. it made me happy that they are happy!!!

On other news… Hsiu Hsiu is back home and she seems very healthy!!!

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