Weekend Updates with Min

Oh another week of August 2009 is concluding or beginning depending on how you count the weeks. Anyways… this past week has been pretty interesting.

1) My folks are in town. Yeah… Good to see my folks 🙂 They will be here until Tuesday.

2) Only rode my bike once this week. On Wednesday :(, however, I got a record time returning home of 61 minutes from Lynnwood to maple leaf.

3) Scratched my glasses and ordered another pair and got it in two days via mail!!! It is awesome!!! for 80.41 dollars I got a new pair of glasses from CoastalContacts.com with in two days!!!! BTW the glasses are frames and lens with all the coatings (UV, anti-scratch, anti-glare) !!! AWESOME!!!

4)Clamming yesterday with my parents. We had a great time clam digging yesterday. Even though the tide was rising pretty quick, we were still able to get a great number of clams and have a great wonderful feast at home.

5)Installed Windows 7 Pro 64 on my computer. I upgraded from Window Vista 64. I don’t notice much difference so far… just slicker interface I guess. I hope it is more stable and better… we will see…