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Last Day … in Paris … in 2009

First of all Happy New Years Eve Everyone. Well, today is the last day of 2009 and it is also our last day in Paris, France. It was kind of a low key day today, but it is still alot of fun and excitement.

The day started looking for the “Big Head”. It is located […]

A day at the Museums

Today was a Museum day. It is our second day with the museum pass and our second to last day in Paris and France. The day started off with a visit to Orsay – The line outside is around one hour long .. However, we have a museum pass and no wait.

Inside Orsay […]

A day at Versailles

Today we went to the famous chateau Versailles. We woke up early to take the RER to Versailles. Oh and RER stinks. Anyways. We grabbed some breakfast in the metro station and jump on our train to Versailles. Today, the weather was pretty flakey. We stood in the rain to get inside. The line was […]

New week New hotel and Luggage!!! Finally

So today started off pretty late, I guess I am pretty tired from all the long nights from previous days, but it is the beginning of a new week and the beginning of my last week in France. Today started with my panic attempts to access the internet to finish my work timesheet. With all […]

Paris Day 3

It is Sunday today, not much going on, so I will just start with some of today’s highlights.

First, Bastille market!!! It’s amazingly cool, it is like the French Market in New Orleans or the Taiwanese open air market in Taiwan. It’s pretty awesome with all the fresh food and goods. It really makes me […]

Lost in Paris!!! … Day 2 :)

Today was a beautiful looking day, we are so fortunate to have such a beautiful weather day in Paris during the winter season. So the first thing that we did today was to walk to another not very well known, but beautiful view point.

Printemps is a famous department store in Paris. It has a […]

Christmas Day in Paris!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009 from Paris with Love 😉

Well, today is Christmas day, I can not believe I just spend a long eventful day in Paris on Christmas day. So where to start, well , lets see this morning we realized that everything closed today so we had breakfast in hotel… holy crap 12 Euros […]

Christmas Eve in Paris

Today is Christmas Eve, We had to get up super early to check out of our hotel in Tours and then catch our train to Paris. We still don’t have our luggage so traveling is simple and light. Just my backpack and what I am wearing since I arrived in Europe.

Our return trip, […]

The day of Chateau …

Today was an super early day, since we got the tickets from train ride to Amboise yesterday, we had to get up super early to walk to the Tours train station to ride over to Amboise. We really know nothing about Amboise or what is it all about, but since we are out in Tours […]

Around Tours

around town during the day….

during the night…

Today is my first day in Tours. It is amazing to finally be in a place full of people which I do not speak their language. Travel around is so different, but so amazing. So after a full day of traveling around, I think we’ve […]

Journey to Tours, France

It has been an amazing adventure so far… with with lots of luck and good fortune, we are finally in Tours. Tours is very very quiet and wet right now, but it seems like a very peaceful town. So what happened?

Well, shortly after my last post, Vicky came back with good news of locating […]

Day 2 Trapped in Amsterdam

Our flight was delayed yesterday because of the big snow storm in Europe. We wasted alot of time in air and then landed in London for refilling and then more time in air. when we finally landed in Amsterdam everything was cancelled. So after 6 hours of waiting in line yesterday in Amsterdam airport for […]

ISU Alumni

Woo hoo, after exciting graduation, I am now a Master of Science in Information Assurance. Yeah!!!

Few comments about my masters graduation. I am very excited and nervous about my graduation it was interesting. During the pre-graduation reception, the engineering college offer us a one minute speech time…. yes and my most memorable experience in […]

In Ames, IA


Wow Mall of America

Wow an amusement park inside a mall!!! Cool!!


Just landed in MSP… Cold and white stuff everywhere… Burr…

All Aboard… :)

Super early start!!! 3 hour flight to MSP. Just barely fit everything on the flight… So many people … So much stuff!!Packed flight!!!

Trip begins tomorrow…

Packing and getting ready for my big adventure. This afternoon I was getting really nervous for some reason. I guess it has been a while since I took such a long trip… I am always worry that I forgot something while I am traveling. I try to back light and still try to have everything. […]

Doctor Who treated Tiger Woods???

Really? is the Doctor in trouble??


So I got my first Euros today. I have to say… I have never seen stick figures on money, i mean real money before. But they got them on Euros.

That is some funny money.. How come such funny money get such a high value???

Getting nervous and excited!!!