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“…This dub is freaky freaky, making party people steamyre-boot the system,
start the extraspectioncelestial retro-resurrection, infectious optical
illusionpatterned and dated selection, it’s classicnot suitable for the
ignorant masses, I pass themwith this ride, it’s fly octane, deranged
form and figureaeronautic features to beat ya,rag-top with bleachers so
everybody can hop inplanet to planet baby, poly-urethane burning
asteroidsprobing earth like Yuri Gagarin,sonic shots bring mannequinsback
to life like Lazarus forget diamonds, I bring you a 100 karat meteoriteextraordinare, got a asterisk next to my nameon your black listI’m feelin right, sippin coffee through a nozzlecustom-made by NASA put mustard on Kielbasa, watching Farrah Fawcett on my electronicthree hundred sixty planetarium screen…”

Prism by M-Flo (Verbal’s Rap)

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