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So� I guess everyone is wondering what happened this weekend� I mean �why did I not post anything about the Chinese New Year??� Well, all I have to say is that I had a lot of fun going back to Auburn for the Chinese New Year. It really felt like a traditional New Years celebration. I think the only thing that was missing was firecrackers.

So here is what happened.

Friday 01/31/2003

I took a half day of PTO, so I can get back to Auburn in time for dinner. We tried to get to the airport as quickly as possible. Well, at least I was hoping if we get there early enough my be we will get upgraded to first class. Well, that was not the case. Anyway� we arrived in Atlanta around 4:30 pm CST. My girl friend Hsiu Hsiu was there to pick us up. I took the keys and drive back to auburn. We got to Auburn just a little over 6 pm CST. When we walked in the door, everyone was already there. My parents have invited 9 other guests. It was a very warm and happy event. Of course the food was great. My mom cooked over a dozen different dishes. It was a very, very, complete Chinese dinner.

After dinner, we all stayed around and watched a very funny Hong Kong movie called �Conman 2002�. Now, after that comes the fun part. So what happened? Well, after most of our guest left, my mom, dad, sister, girlfriend, and I sit down and started a game of Mahjong. Well, it is sort of a Chinese tradition to stay up waiting for the New Year and play games like Mahjong. Anyway, I was extremely lucky that night. Pretty much which ever tiles I need or want I can draw it from the pool. In one instance, I even got a same suite, self draw, and it was my 3 continue as the bank!!! For those of you don�t know what that means, it means everyone pays me ton of money � hee hee hee� Ok ok� I have to give Hsiu Hsiu most of the credit� she was sitting next to me the entire night, giving me guidance on what to play�so I guess� she was my lucky charm �right? So after around 12:30 or 1, we finally finished 4 rounds.

Saturday 02/01/2003

Well, Saturday was another interesting day. First, let�s give a moment of silence to the crew of the space shuttle Columbia. It was a very tragic day for the US space program, but I am sure that the space program will continue. So when did you find out about Columbia? Well, I was picking up my girlfriend on Saturday to go to lunch with my family for my sister�s birthday, when I heard the shocking news. Yep, my little sister is turning 20� can you believe that? Anyway, we went to Red Lobster � the lunch was great. Afterward, I went over to Hsiu Hsiu�s place to prepare for the Chinese student association�s new years banquet. The banquet was nice� it was a lot smaller then I remembered. I guess it is because there are less and less Taiwan students in Auburn now days. {sigh} But going back to Auburn University, brings back a lot of memories. So after dinner� guess what� Mahjong again�. Well, tonight, I was not so lucky� but I still did not loose that much�

Sunday 02/02/2003

Time to head home� Well, I slept very well on Sunday. Why? It might be because I stayed up so late for the last couple of nights. Anyway, got up around 10 � head to mass around 10:30 and we were back around 12:00� called up Hsiu Hsiu for lunch at my parents� around 2� we heading to Atlanta for my plane ride back home� Houston home that is. So I finally walked back in my home in Houston around 8:30 or so last night. And that concludes my new year�s weekend� so how did you spend your Chinese New year??

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