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2019 Year End Trip Day 6

Local Time: 12/25/2019 Christmas Day Today is Christmas Day!!! Merry Christmas. The feel of Christmas is very different here in middle of no where Japan. There are no church’s around there and people are almost unaware of today being Christmas. But I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. As for me, my Christmas morning …


2019 Year End Trip Day 5

Local Time: 12/24/2019 Christmas Eve Today was a traveling day. Today are relocating from Yufuian to an even smaller town and remote place inside deep inside the middle of Kyushu. Kurokawa onsen is where we are tonight. But our story today starts back in Gettouan Onsen in Yufuian. The morning started early again since I …


2019 Year End Trip Day 0

Local time 10:48pm 12/19/2019 in Fukuoka, Japan Today is day 0 of our year end trip. The day started off really early in Seattle on 12/18/2019 and I was still working all the way up until I was boarding our flight. Funny thing about traveling across international date lines is that we lose a day. …