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Snow day in Seattle

So a major snow storm hit Seattle this week, it is not as bad as the one in 2008, but still shut down most of the city. So today is actually pretty amazing. The sun is out it’s beautiful out, but below freezing the entire day. After working most of the morning in my office. I decided to take a break and walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures. The walk reminded me so much of my time in Ephrata, WA. The crusty frozen ground, the cool air, the patches of slippery ground. Gosh, I really miss Ephrata.

Response code is 403

Clean Camera = Happy Min

So … As I stated before … I got my CCD cleaned this week … so here is a comparison for everyone on how much difference it made on my pictures. So look in the sky on the first picture and you will see all the black dust spots. Then look again on the new picture … and it is dust free!!!
With Dusts… look in the blue sky

With out dust… (yeah!)

So I think I will take my camera for a good cleaning one a year now.
Oh if anyone else wanted to have their CCD cleaned…

Go to Camera Clinic in Shoreline, WA!!!

Camera Clinic
518 NE 165th St
Shoreline, WA 98155
(206) 367-2440

They are awesome!!!

Camera Clinic in Shoreline

So Yesterday I drop my camera off to this small camera repair shop in Shoreline WA. I been getting alot of little dust spots on my pictures. and since the weather is so nice it is really annoying to take pictures and then spend 30+ minutes on the computer trying to fix all the dust spots. So I decided to drop the camera off and get it cleaned. It is pretty amazing little place. They have been fixing cameras for 30 years. So today I brought my old Nikon camera over there for them to take a look. And it was amazing… the guy immediately told me everything about the camera and said that it was a pretty good camera for its time. Oh… I’ve got to tell Dad that, but I am sure my dad knows. It really got me thinking. The Nikomat FT3 was manufactured from 1977 – 1979. I was born on 1976. I think my dad bought the camera to take pictures of me and this camera is still good enough to take pictures today and even produce good pictures. I wonder in 30 years will my Canon 30D still be good enough to be appreciated by my kids? Probably not. I guess that shows how things are today. Thing are being built today to be instant satifaction and to be disposable and that is the world of 2009.

On the train

So … it has been a while since my last train trip. I think it was few years ago when I was still in Ephrata. I last took a train trip to Seattle for an interview. However, this time I am not going for an interview. I am actually going to Portland for work. So why did I take the train, besides it is cheaper and I can work on the train and it is not as stressful as driving and airport craziness? Well… I like trains… I always liked trains …ever since I was a little boy.

Trains are great!!!

It is interesting … riding on the train.. you pass so many little towns that looks like Ephrata or if not smaller. So I am in a small town called Kelso WA right now.

Another Dream that got implemented

So… About 3 years ago, I was in the Fiber to the home world of Ephrata, WA and an idea was developed. My idea was a way to have a P2P distributed file system very similar to Bit Torrent except a virtual drive is created on your computer and then broken up sort of like PAR and RAR files in USENET and spread to all the clients that are peered with each other. This is to take advantage of the fast network and solve our redundant drive backup problem, by sharing spaces with our buddies.

My friend Sergeon and I talked about this couple of times and tried to come up with some sort of standard to develope this but was unable to do so. We had many good conversation and good ideas on how to develope this model, however the prototype will never built. Ultimately, we could visualize this idea, but with life and everything else that was going on, we were unable to develope this idea.

Well… as everyone knows… everyone thinks alike…

So today I found Wuala on Slashdot. From the initial read, it seems like it is very similar to my idea. Here is another article on Wuala.

The good thing is that someone implemented it, the bad thing is … too bad it was not us.

I love watermelons!!!

So… Lately I’ve been doing nothing but searching for a new place to live. Why? I want to move closer to the city. I want to move away from Lynnwood and my expensive crappy apartment. I want to move to a place with a garage. So… in the middle of my search … my buddy Ted calls me and says that he is here with the melons!

YES Watermelons!!! The worlds best watermelon!!! from Tonnemaker’s in Royal City, WA. It was one of my favorite places to go during the summer when I was in Ephrata. I miss their fruits soooo much.

So… after I picked up 25 watermelons and a tray of peaches … my fruit delivery adventure began…

I went to few of my friends places to drop of the good stuff on the eastside and today I am planning to give some to my co-workers and also friends on the westside.


almost 2 Years Later…

almost 2 years later…
It has been two years… I thought I moved on… I am getting better… but hearing that/those news still hurts me… It shouldn’t but it does. I am a much more mature guy now… I am … but I am still very emotional sometimes… I need to be less emotional. I talked to a guy on the plane the other day… he says… to succeed in life you have to have passion for something but also be able to have emotional detachment. Meaning … you have to be able to detach emotions from things. I keep on thinking about things that people tell me … you have to be able to “pick it up and put it down”. I think my problem is that I can pick it up, but I just can’t put it down. so now I just don’t pick it up… when opportunities comes along.. if you don’t take it, you miss it. And fear of failure is one of the greatest barriers to success and to happiness.

Happiness… what is happiness? I am happy… but right now… I am not sad… but I just somewhere in the middle. so where am I? I am in Ephrata, WA… in the center of the Washington desert. So, why did I end up here? professionally, it was a good move… and it is still a good move professionally… and also it is in washington… there is a direct flight from seattle to Taiwan, it don’t matter now.

You know… I need to stop this… I complain tooo much on my website… but eventually it is just another page in my book of life. We all learn from it and move on right?

I am a good person… I try to be a good person… I have beliefs and standards and I believe I know my role as a person.

So.. I guess just been true to myself… and look forward everything will be good.

{sigh}…. 2 years …… 2 years…

Arrived Here in Kirkland

I am here in Kirkland, WA safe and sound. In my hotel room finishing up my work and getting ready for a day of training!!! I do need to sign up for my CCNP exam for next week in Alabama. Sigh… quit stalling and get to work 😀

Well… I really mess up today… I accidently turned off my server in Ephrata, WA. So this means, everything will be down until this weekend. Oh well… that’s ok .. I will continue to write and continue to take pcitures….

Don’t worry … it will be ok…. by this weekend… sorry guys…

So … today has been really slow so far…. I was suppose to reboot a box but the customer never called back… so … until he calls back… I can’t do anything but to wait. Well… looks… Moses Lake, WA is in the headline… just go to Yahoo and click on news … and it is the first one…. or you can just click here and see the article. It is nothing good…. just Mad Cows….NO MORE BEEF for me…

Boy … I have not had good sushi in a while… Sushi and sashimi is just not that popular around Ephrata, WA. Well… I went to a small stripmall sushi place next the test lab today for lunch and man… it’s actually pretty decent. The only problem I have with them is that their cuts of sashimi are very small about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm… so it is really small… but the fish is really fresh and the cut was pretty good quality. But … in comparison … I still miss Oshkosh in Houston….

It is hard to believe… I’ve been in Ephrata for one week now!!! and everyday… I walk outside I say to myself…. WOW it’s a beautiful day! Here is the good news… I’ve found a place to live in Ephrata. I will be renting a place from a co worker of mine and my stuff will be arriving on the 11th which is Saturday. Woo hoo…. I’ve already got my fiber stuff submitted…so I am already to go. Oh … for those of you don’t know yet…

my new address is

160 G street SE

Ephrata, WA 98832

Here is another link about Grant County, WA.

So… what’s all the secrecy all about for the last couple of days/ weeks, well, the truth is I’ve recently got a job offer from Grant County PUD as a telecommunications engineer. So where is Grant County? Grant County is in the middle of Washington, near the Columbia River. I will be working in a town called Ephrata, WA. Well, it is a really small town. The town only has about a 1.5 miles radius. It has a total population of around 7000 people. Grant County has about 75000 people. To make a point, you can fit everyone in Grant county in Jordan Hare stadium and still have empty spaces. See, it is a small town.

What a wonderful dinner … yep … Thanks to Min-Jye… I had some wonderful curry chicken… umm umm good. Well, just sitting here watching the baseball allstar game. It is pretty cool. Go NL !! This year the game is setup a little better, there will not be a tie game anymore. The winner get home field advantage for the World Series. Anyway … WA looks pretty good huh? … oh btw … it’s a blow out… but it is only the 5th inning.