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Day 0 – Playa Del Carmen

So a long day of travel we finally made it to our rental home in PLAYACAR phase 2 in Playa Del Carmen. The flight over from Seattle to Atlanta was pretty good. Vicky got upgraded, as for me … I got to enjoy the wonderful economy class.

While in Atlanta airport, we went to our […]

Waiting at the new Delta Sky Club

All checked in … since this is considered an international flight, we get to hang out at the all new Delta Sky Club in the S terminal. All I have to say is they tried, but failed. The feel is a little bit European, but everything is super cheap. And of course, there are no […]

Ready for our big adventure to Mexico

Getting ready for my first trip to MX.

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My trip to 1962 and back was awesome!!!

So a while a go we got some Seattle Musical Theatre tickets from Living Social. Since we all been pretty busy, I wanted to take a break and treat ourselves, so I was able to fit in a show today. The musical is Hairspray at the SMT in Magnuson park. I’ve never seen Hairspray before […]

iTunes Match: 2nd Go

So it has been few days after my purchase of iTunes Match and my first attempt at using iTunes match. During my last post, I complained alot about how I lost all of my music on my iPhone and how it is nearly impossible to use without a home library. Well, this is what I […]

iTunes Match: 1st go

So, being a bleeding edge geek that I am, I decided to jump on the Apple’s attempt at “cloud” music. BTW, I really hate the world “cloud”, but that is another story all together. Anyways, since my music library is only around 8000 files, which is way under the 25000 allowed in iTunes match, I […]

Cirque Du Soleil: Michael Jackson Immortal Tour

What is that Cybermen in Seattle? No no, it’s part of the Cirque Du Soleil show that we attended few hours ago.

My overall feel for the show is average. Don’t get me wrong there are many good parts of the show, but all in all it was not the best Cirque Du Soleil […]

Winter Furnace Outage of 2011

So two nights ago, my family and I returned home and the house was super cold. My wife asked me if I turned off the heater while we were gone, I immediately know that something was wrong. When I went over to take a look vents, it was just blowing cool air. At the furnace, […]

My New Office Location

So after 4 years, I finally moved to work in Seattle proper. Take a look at my little office view.

So yes, after 4 years of working, I finally got transferred to our downtown office It is a mixed feeling move. It sort of feel like moving to a new job. Few years […]

DAY 12,755

So today is my 12755 estimated day on this little blue planet called Earth! Today, I turned 35. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

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