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iPhone was lost now iPhone was found

Every few years, I get to experience a lost and found thrill. (my camera, my keys…) Well, this morning I had a chance to do it again. So here is the story…

So while I was about to step on to the plane for my flight to MSP from DSM, I realized that my iPhone […]

Completion of another phase

After a super awesome and smooth presentation, I am happy today say I am an official graduating graduate student!!! Now all I have to do is to wait for December 18th for the graduation day!!!

So from my last post, I was pretty nervous. I had 60 slides and I had a total of at […]

On Campus…

So I am in Ames, Iowa today doing my final exam. I think I am prepared, but I am more nervous than anything else I have done lately. So while I am waiting for my presentation … in 7 minutes… I am writing this blog.

So walking around a campus on a beautiful fall day […]


I can’t believe it my birthday again!!! wow… amazing!!! But it has been a pretty short and busy weekend but a good weekend.

So let’s see what happened… Friday night… I was working on my paper… Saturday morning… I was in a workshop…During the workshop… Auburn Beat Ole Miss!!! WAR EAGLE Hey!!!Saturday night I went […]