Month: April 2010


Final Day around New York City

4/4/2010 Our final day in NYC was pretty easy and relaxed. Vicky and I spend most of the time in central park and just relaxing and really enjoying the city. It makes me think that I maybe able to live here one day? oh maybe.. maybe not. [pe2-gallery album=”aHR0cDovL3BpY2FzYXdlYi5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RhdGEvZmVlZC9iYXNlL3VzZXIvbWluaHNhby9hbGJ1bWlkLzU0NjY3NDAzMjczMzk0ODQxNjE/YWx0PXJzcyZhbXA7aGw9ZW5fVVMma2luZD1waG90bw==”]


Third Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was my third full day in NYC.  It was also the first day that I don’t have to work in NYC.  And on top of that it was Good Friday.  The day started pretty late after sleeping in.  Since we were staying near Madison Park in The MAve Hotel, which btw reminds me of …