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Eureka Mentions Dr. Who!!!

During the latest episode of Eureka (S4E07 Stoned 19:50), Zane was hacking into the Government’s computer, after finding out it was only IRS snooping around, Zane said,  “Anything else you want to know while I am in there? Launch codes, Defence plans, TARDIS blue prints … “.

Zane was probably just joking but, How cool would that be,  if there is a cross over between EUReKA and Dr. Who??? Since there’s already a cross over between Warehouse 13 and EUReKA, why not Dr. Who?

Post Mardi Gras

So it is the Lenten Season… I am starting fresh this year. I have made a few commitments to myself.

For the next 40 days, I will give up the following.
1) TV … yes television… This means no TV, no HULU, no Netflix… however, going to see the movies in a theater is ok. The goal for this is to free up some time for me to catch up on everything else. So far it has been pretty interesting.
2) Giving up drinks… that includes soft drinks, hard drinks … etc… I will drink only water for the next 40 days!!! The goal here is to cleanse my body and give me a chance to lose some weight.
3) Give up not working out… and slacking… once again… to get fitter
4) Giving up on missing church…. I find being in church for one hour does help me reflect on things..
It will be an interesting 40 days…
So today is day 1.
We will see how it goes..

Bose and Pioneer

So… let’s talk about some retro audio.
About a year ago, I picked up a set of Bose 301 Series 2 speakers. Yeah, these speakers were pretty good back in the 70’s and the early 80’s. I faintly remember my Dad’s friends having one of those and everyone was wow-ing around the speakers. (This was back in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1985). So, I had these speaker for a pretty long time and I just have not had a chance to use them or anything to power them. I’ve been looking for a receiver to power the speakers, but I really did not want to spend 100 to 1000 dollars for a receiver to power my little cheap ass 5 dollar speakers. So… my search continued for a while. But after talking to my AV buddies at work, they said that they had a very old receiver that I can use. Last night, I got the receiver and finally hooked it up.

The receiver I got was a Pioneer SX-550. I think it was a middle of the line receivers in the late 70’s. Well.. it matched well, with my 5 dollar Bose speakers. To bring this setup to the modern age, I connect the receiver speaker setup to my Apple Airport express and feed it the music from my iTunes.

Yep, ultimately, it did not sound too bad at all, and the best part is I can control everything from my Iphone 🙂

Yeah… If I have an Apple TV that would be nice too..

New TV!!!

After many many years with CRT tv… I finally decided to get a new TV. With a little convincing from my parents, I got a new 42inch LCD TV from Costco. It’s great. the TV is native 1080p!!!! Sweet!!!

So the only problem now is that I don’t have any HD content…. nothing that I have will output 1080p!!! oh well… I am sure I will figure out a way.

I am thinking of finding an antenna and get HD off the air. I will keep everyone updated.

So … I’ve been working on my Xbox lately… Yes… I’ve got a Xbox now. It is quite funny… the first thing I did after I open the brand new cardboard box for my xbox is to open my xbox up.
Ok … maybe I did not make myself clear… I modded my xbox.


For the media center of course… and it does void my warranty to the xbox.

But … after an entire Friday night of working on the xbox…. I finally got a media center with a 250 gig hard drive.

I have to say… this box is SWEET!!!!!!

I love it …
The box will play everything.
It also have samba support and it even supports internet streams!!!

Yes I can get internet radio and internet TV straight from the web.

I have the say… the internet TV is not the best in the world but it is still pretty cool.

Well… My cable modem is down… why? I think the storm tonight took out the cable TV. One more reason why I LOVE WIFI!!!!

I miss you Hsiu!

I can’t believe this… they are making everything in to a TV show now. Even office life? Well, I guess it could be kind of funny… sorta like Office Space right? Which btw is one of my favorite movies.

Ah… couple more hours until the end of another wonderful weekend. So what did I do today? Uh… absolutely nothing productive. Well… I did start my plan to start studying today. How? Well, I lend my PS2 to my good friend Scott. I also show him a very awesome game, Final Fantasy X. If any of you guys out there that have a PS2 … you must get FFX. Anyway, I figure if I don’t have my PS2 in my house, I would have less distraction and have more opportunity to actually study. Uh… I hope this works. My TARGET is start grad school in Spring 2003. Wish me luck!!! Dinner tonight was great!!! Once again, Thanks Scott for the wonderful dinner… and oh … your new TV is cool!!!

Ah… another Fun Friday night. It is kind of funny, you would think that when someone moves to a bigger city they would party hard and longer and be alot wilder. Well, not me!!! It’s kind of funny, ever since I moved to Houston I have been really really good! I still am having fun, just not wild and uncontrolled fun. So what did I do tonight? Well, I had a wonderful evening with my buddy Scott and his wife Wendy. Yep, we grilled out and enjoy this nice Texas summer night. I also brought my PS2 along… yep talk about nerdy. All I have to say is… “SCOTT! GO GET A NEW TV!!!!!!”