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Sushi From Last night

It’s been a while since I last made some sushi… well … I just whipped something together… nothing special but it was pretty good.

More Yummy Sushi for Dinner :)

So with some leftover sushi supplies… I decided to make some more sushi and try to improve my sushi making skills. Let me know what you think.

My dragon sushi :)

So today for lunch… I wanted some Sushi… so I made some 😉

How ’bout my dragon roll??

Something light for lunch

I made these brown rice sushi 😉

Another busy April weekend

This past weekend was fairly busy. Oh… I guess it really started on Thursday night. I found a piece of bone in the fatty tuna sashimi at Red Fin Japanese Restaurant in Seattle near Stewart. can you believe it. It was a 1 cm piece of bone and the waitress was like oh… those things happens. Humm… see if I go back there again. They did give me another piece to make up for it… but still… I never ever had that experience in eating sushi before. On Friday night I went to see the Mariners play… wonderful seats right behind home plate and of course the M’s won!!! Yeah. Saturday I work all day doing one of my side jobs, and accomplished alot and had a wonderful evening. Sunday, I worked all morning, had dim sum and did some filming for my video side. All in all.. a very good weekend.

What a weekend… and an end of the 40 day experiment

So this past weekend, I was in Houston helping my sister find a place. Houston brought back so many memories. I saw all the places I use to go. I went back to visit my old townhouse, and that tree was still there.. and it is huge now. ( look back in 2003… where I moved a tree with my car… hee hee) I went back to Osaka my favorite sushi place in Houston and Tom, the sushi chef still remember me :)… ( I use to go there alot). The Montrose overpass is now an underpass. May’s place don’t have my favorite vegetarian Taiwanese meatballs anymore 🙁 (how sad). Drove around and saw all the other places where it just brings back so many memories. We found and picked some loquat. We bought alot of exotic fruits (I love fruits). We went to one of my favorite cajun place (Pappaduax) in Houston. We had lots of boiled crawfish… and it was only 4.99 a lb. vs 8.99 in Seattle… and it is so much better. I met up with an old co-worker of mine… we talked about how things have changed… talked about the good times in the past and BS a bit. It was fun.

so on top of all of that I concluded my 40 days of no soft drinks or hard drinks or any other sugar drinks. So I bet everyone is wondering what was my first none water drink after 40 days. Ha Ha….
It was a Cherry Limeade from Sonic!!! My second was a Dr. Pepper and my third was a sugar cane juice (soo good)!!!
All in all it was a busy but a good weekend. It was great to see my parents and my sister and it was great to revisit Houston.

My Sushi Dinner

So…I been feeling really dizzy lately… hardly can work … been trying to rest and get better. The doctor says that there is really nothing they can do for me. The doctor says that I just need to rest to recover. So this afternoon, I decide to make some sushi for dinner. It has been a while since I made some sushi dinners for myself, but it was so good. I tried something new this time. I made some new spicy tuna roll. It’s pretty good. Take a look.

Almost lunch time and oh… look… a Miyako buck!

It’s funny… I found an old wallet of mine, and I was just looking through the old stuff that was left in it and POW!!… look at what I found!!!!

It’s a Miyako Buck. What is a Miyako buck? Well, Miyako is a Mediocre Japanese sushi bar restaurant in Houston, Tx. I remember when I use to work for EP, my friends and I would go there pretty often for sushi. They would give us these Miyako bucks, one for every 10 dollars that we spend. The best part was when vendors takes us out to eat and spend about 200 dollars on sushi for our group and we would get 20 bucks back in Miyako Money. ha ha ha … it was like 2 vendor meals in one. Those were the fun days…

It is amazing… how much I have changed in my taste for cheap sushi… now I am so picky. picky is good right?

oh… a tip for all you web surfers looking for good sushi in the Seattle Area…. BEST SUSHI in SEATTLE is at SHIKI. A little Japanese restaurant in lower Queen Ann.

My Sushi Dinner

So, what do you guys think? Preatty good huh? Yep… I made it all by myself. I’ve been interested in making sushi for a while… so finally i decided to do it myself. So does any one want to come to Min’s for dinner?

My sushi dinner

My first attempt at making sushi 😉

It has been couple more weeks since my last blog entry. I just been so busy lately. This past week was just insane. I been working none stop everyday. And today around two I finally wrapped up most of my stuff and I said to myself. “AH… I think it is time for me to go on a vacation!” Yep I am going on a 1 week vacation. Nope, I am not going to Alabama this time… and Yep … I am going to Shanghai again! I will get a chance to see my beautiful Hsiu Hsiu.

Well… my adventure begins around 3:30pm today. That is when I left Ephrata and headed toward Seattle. The drive was not that bad. It was a beautiful day outside, but driving in the late after noon is a real pain. Driving west, the sun is almost always in your eyes. I had to stop and put on my sun glasses. And when I was driving through the pass it was raining and fogging … So driving was not that fun either… oh and the wind was strong. So around 6:30, I finally reached my hotel. BTW having a GPS is cool… The GPS mapping system directed me straight to the Hotel. That was cool… anyway… My hotel was not bad. It is the SeaTac Holiday Inn. only 0.2 miles from the airport. and it only cost me 40 bucks after taxes. How did I get such a Killer deal? PRICELINE BABY!!!!

Anyway… my game plan was this… I get to the hotel… drop off my luggage, then drive my car to Great Wall shopping center to have some Sushi. There is this pretty cheap and pretty good sushi restaurant there.. the place is called Ekko… or something like that. Chirochi Sushi over there are only $12.50 . For that price, it comes with miso soup, 2 small dishes of appetizer and one sushi chief gift sushi salad. And most importantly, the fish was fresh, it was not too bad at all. Anyway… after dinner I would drive to the Mazda dealership and drop my car off for maintenance and repair. I would use the night drop and then walk across the street to a bus stop and catch the 560 express to SeaTac. I use the King County Metro site to plan my bus trip. I just type in the dealership’s address, the time , and my destination, which is SeaTac, and it tells me 3 different options of buses all around my request time with in 0.5 mile distance. Anyway, so I dropped off my car… when to the bus stop waited less then 10 minutes and the 560 bus shows up. The ride from the dealership to SeaTac only cost me $1.50. I actually over paid 25 cents because …. I thought it was 1.50 instead of 1.25. So once I reached Sea Tac… I called the hotel and they sent a shuttle and picked me up.

Boy I love it when a plan comes together. So tomorrow, I will take the hotel shuttle to the airport and everything will be wonderful. Tomorrow night I will be able to see my lovely Hsiu Hsiu. Oh .. I just can’t wait.

Oh I almost forgot …

Happy Birthday MIN-JYE!!!!

My little sis is now 22!!! Wow Wee!!!

Well… I have my new camera with me … I hope Shanghai’ s weather is good .. so I can have some good pictures. We will see…..

Well, what a interesting day it was. I was in Spokane all day yesterday for my PE exam. The day started around 5:00 am. I showed up at the exam site around 7:00 am, I would not believe it. I though I had alot of books, but I saw a girl with a push kart full of books, it was like she was moving. I don’t think all those books helped. As for me, I think my books helped alot. I only wish I had my controls book and my computer designs book. The exam lasted 8 hours. 4 in the morning 4 in the afternoon. Around 6:00 pm, I was finally done. so SUSHI time!!! Yeah… I had Japanese food for all three of my meals in Spokane 😛 Anyway, in couple of weeks, we will see how I did. But I have to say after yesterday, I feel like a load off…. Next exam .. CCNP – Remote Access.

So… the big grand opening for Networkers yesterday was pretty cool. Lots of food and lot of people. I had a good time meeting my buddies Raymund, Clayton, and Joe… from El Paso. Afterward, Raymund and I went across the street to get some sushi. Boy, we haven’t done that is a while. It is good to have good sushi with a good friend. Anyway, you know Networker is for geeks and designed by geeks… I mean even how they placed the food have almost an engineered method. For example, during the big opening last night, they placed all the food through out the exhibit, so one will have to go in the the exhibit and explore and find the food. And today for lunch… they had a queuing system to distribute the lunch… it remind me of my QOS class from yesterday. Fun stuff huh… Well… the class this morning was pretty boring … but I hope the ones this afternoon is better.

I know it has been a while since I last posted on my blog… it seems that ever since I moved to Washington, I just have less and less time to update my site and post on the blog. Now, it is not that I have less content to share… Actually, I think I have a lot more… It is just that I don’t have the extra time that I use to have. Which is good I guess. So Let me give everyone an update on what’s been going on… Starting from the beginning of last week…..

Dec. 16th 2003 ….

I registered to vote today… Woo hoo… Hey Scott … I finally did it… And hey they even gave me a copy of the Bill of Rights.

So now I am a registered voter, all those public officials better watch out or you are out of there … Ok ok at least you don’t get my vote.

Dec 18th 2003 ….

Hsiu Hsiu arrives today… I took a half day and drove to Spokane to pick her up. The drive was not bad at all.

Dec 19th 2003 …

Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King

Yes… Today… Tom, Mara, Hsiu Hsiu and I went to see the LotR:TRotK … All I have to say is COOL!!! Three years of watching LotR is finally over … What am I going to do next year??? The movie was really good. I don’t think there were any bad moments in the movie. The interesting thing about watching the movie in Ephrata was that first we got a pizza booth. Yes in the theater in Ephrata there are actually pizza booth in the back … So you can have your pizza and soda and enjoy a movie…. Cool huh? And the price wasn’t bad either. Second… half way through the 3 1/2 hours long movie… an intermission popped up. What? an intermission? isn’t that something from the long distant past? But it was actually pretty cool … because it give everyone to run to the restroom without missing a beat of the movie. and the theater gets to make some extra bucks by selling concessions…. it is a win win situation. During the intermission, I also felt the small town atmosphere in the theater… it is pretty cool… you just don’t see that in Houston or any of the big cities. A really unique experience indeed.

Dec. 20 2002

We woke up and it was cold and all white outside and we had a xmas brunch to attend to in Moses Lake.

And on the way there Hsiu Hsiu and I got lost in the snowy road of Moses Lake … Doh!!!

But we eventually found our way….

Breakfast brunch at Terry M’s

Thank you Terry for inviting us to your wonderful Christmas Brunch. Hsiu Hsiu and I had a wonderful time. The brunch at Terry’s was wonderful… she have a beautiful house, all decorated … I really felt the xmas spirit in the air. The brunch was delicious and plentiful… umm umm…. so good…. After the brunch we got a chance to talk with friends and play some ping pong…. boy it has been so long since I last played…. but I can still do my spinning serv. 😛

Once again … that was a wonderful Brunch….. Thanks Terry…..

After the wonderful brunch we headed to Spokane…

Once we got to Spokane, we found this wonderful Japanese restaurant… it is called Suki Yaki Inn. It is one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants , Hsiu Hsiu and I have been. We ordered some “shabu shabu” and I’ve also ordered some sushi. The sushi was pretty good … but I still say it doesn’t beat the sushi in Houston’s Osaka restaurant. We spend a day around Spokane visiting downtown and finding every Chinese markets there …. which btw … they don’t have much in Spokane.

After a day around Spokane… Hsiu Hsiu and I finally end up at the airport… she has a overnight flight back to ATL.

Dec 22, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is back home in Auburn for one day ….

Dec 23, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is on the plane back to Taiwan… 🙁 I wish I would be there with her. Well… only two more days before xmas … and it looks like I won’t be able to find a ticket back home for xmas.

…. Merry Christmas….

Boy … I have not had good sushi in a while… Sushi and sashimi is just not that popular around Ephrata, WA. Well… I went to a small stripmall sushi place next the test lab today for lunch and man… it’s actually pretty decent. The only problem I have with them is that their cuts of sashimi are very small about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm… so it is really small… but the fish is really fresh and the cut was pretty good quality. But … in comparison … I still miss Oshkosh in Houston….

Oh man… I am so stuffed. Today, my former manager/director invited me to Todai for lunch. I don’t think I have gone there since about 3 years ago, when we moved my sister to Houston. Anyway, as my good friend, Raymund G says, “All you can eat sushi buffet is like a casino, you can try all you want but you can never beat the house.” And you know what, I think he is right… I definitely did not beat the house to day. But the food was good and we had a lot of fun. Man… I am starting to miss Houston already.

“30 salmon, 24 tuna, 14 eel, and 4 or 5 of these rolls…” and that’s what the Cisco vendor said when he order sushi today. Man… Let me tell you … it was pretty good. It was not the best sushi in the world but … hey… you can’t beat free food!!! Best of all I got about 10 bucks of Miyako bucks for next time. Cool huh?

Yes… it is another Friday night. Tonight is a bit different. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my family and gf in Alabama, but I had fun tonight. So what happened?

Well, after work today, I followed my friend Scott to one of his “staff meetings” at Slick Willy’s in Bayou Place. It’s pretty cool. We had some beer and played pool. I have to say, El Paso got some upper management that can play some pool. Yep, needless to say…. I got my butt whooped!!!

Afterward, I went to Osaka’s … which I have to say is one of the best sushi places in Houston. They have really fresh fish and the sushi chief is friendly and honest. I like it.

So as you can see… pretty nice evening huh? {sigh} but I still miss Hsiu Hsiu.