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My Chicken Noodle Soup

Since I was sick the last couple of days… I decided to make some chicken noodle soup.

What a bad day to be sick…

Today is a beautiful Friday.  Unfortunately, I’ve go a cold and I am at home drinking hot tea with a box of tissue and trying to rest and  trying to recover.

Very good doctor’s experience

So… my past experience with US doctors has been, you call in they say humm… can you come back in 3 days for your appointment. I am like, but I am sick now!!!… but there was no choice… you have to wait and see. Today, was amazing. I woke up, I call in at 7:30 am, and got an appointment at 8:00 am, got checked out and out the door of the clinic by 8:30, pick up my meds at 9:45 and now sucking down antibiotics at 10:00. And the entire process only cost 6.98 for the antibiotics. Pretty cool.

Oh I am sure my insurance will back bill me somehow… but for right now for today… I am content.

As for me… Strep Throat.

Few days of antibiotics and stay away from people … That is good.. I need some time to finish my work…

A work day on Maui

So yesterday was Saturday, but yet I have to work… 🙂 Working in Maui is not a bad thing at all. Working in Maui yesterday meant a trip to Hana. So I’ve heard stories about the road to Hana saying how beautiful it is and how curvy it is and how everyone is going to get sick on the car ride. With all this knowledge, I decided to be proactive and take some motion sickness medicine just in case. It is a work day after all, and I don’t want to get sick.

Well… BAD IDEA… that thing was ok until the afternoon, then I became a zombie…

so much for working on homework last night….

But the trip to Hana was indeed beautiful and I wish I have more time to stop at every little waterfall. Maybe next time…

Well.. enough talk…
here are the pictures 😉

It has been a while…

So… it is sea fair Saturday… I have not wrote on my blog in a very long time. So what’s been going on lately? Well… I am in the middle of finding a new place to live in Seattle. Yes I am still looking for a place to buy but I can’t find a place right away to buy so… I am looking for a place to rent right now. I got really sick and tired of my current place. Why? yes… granted it is close to work, however, I find myself traveling alot lately to get away from my home and do other things to keep my mind busy. Yeah… so i ended up overbooking alot of the time… Actually I am kind of happy that I am just sitting around at home listening to music and just chilling right now.

so… yeah.. i’ve been looking at rental homes and my co-worker and I have also been talking about possibley rooming together. so… yeah… major party pad … woo hoo..

As for work… it has been busy… Just got back from a day trip from Oakland this week and I think I am finally going to head to Maui for my next big project in Sept. Oh and boss said there also maybe a project in Alaska in couple of months.

Oh… and School starts in couple of weeks… which also means football seasons is almost here as well… Good god… everything is running together… my ical and my googlecal and my outlook cal are all filling up.

After a long weekend of snow and cold..

After a long weekend of working out in the cold nailing up little blue boxes…

No no… not the Tardis
But these little buggers..
But anyways… this weekend was pretty crazy… I was working pulling cat5e’s in a crazy snowy weather weekend.  So after about 2 full days of working on cable pulling… today I am out sick.
But I will be fine… I think it is just a little cold… I will get some rest tonight and I will be fine.

Another Monday

It is another Monday… my Janurary is running out. This weekend was ok. Saturday I snowboarded and Sunday I studied. It is balanced. Next weekend, I will be talking my exam and I am far from ready. I am still at the verge of getting better or is this the verge of getting sick. I know I have some kind of bug in my and I am not 100 percent, but I can move on and I will get better. 😀 I talked a friend last night and after that I slept well. It has been a while but I slept well.

Well… I should be getting ready… for a big week.

Strong wind sucks for fishing….
I went out to Blue lake to try my luck tonight, after hearing that Robert and Dante caught a few last night. I was feeling really sick last night. I am better now. Anyway… I tried my luck and with the heavy wind… I did not catch anything…. I will try again … but it will not be in the heavy wind….
Oh well…

Couple of days before networkers and I am feeling a little bit sick. I think it is because of the open windows last night. With the temperature droping and all … I must have caught a bug or something. EEK… Drink lots of liquid and get this bug out of here.

Dude… this is really messed up and sick sick sick…. male pregnancy. WTF … That is messed up…. But after looking at it for a while… I realized that this can’t be real…. I mean no where on the website did it ever mention a contact info or anything ….. So…. This is what I’ve found…. Art Imitates Tabloids

What do I hate? I hate winter days… ok actually I don’t hate winter days but I hate what winter days bring. I hate all the wet and cold weather…. I don’t mind it if I feel ok… but when the weather is cold and wet… it is also when everyone gets sick. I hate getting sick… I hate having a running nose… I hate heaters that dry everything up in the house. So in short… winter sucks!!!

Am I getting sick???

Today is so much cooler in Houston than before. Today even feels a little bit like fall weather… humm humm… I love it. Well, the bad news is my little sister is sick… I hope she get better soon. Everyone please pray for her. She also has her MCAT in 2 more days… eeks. I am doing my best to help her get better soon. Besides that… nothing much is going on. Oh I wrote a Ping Scan/ switch detection script. I will put it in the project section sometime.

Being sick sucks… Well… I was in be most of the night last night. I slept from 6 to 9 and then from 11 to 7. I do feel a little bit more refreshed. I still have a itchy throat and a little cough though. Hopefully, I will be able to recover this weekend. I think I will get an early night of rest tonight as well.

Well, playing racquetball is fun. Playing racquetball when you are just starting to recover from being sick is … well… also fun, but I would probably not do it again. I played my co-worker Miguel today in racquetball. It was really alot of fun. I have not excerise like that in a long long time, but I guess I can say that he literally beat the “snot” out of me. ha ha ha. So how did I do? Well, I lost all 3 games we played, but I had fun and that is what matters right?

All I can say is that, next time I play him, I will not go down so easily, but for todays game he is just a better player and it was a very fun and exciting game. I’ve got to work on my speed and endurance.

Well, I slept for a total of 12 hours last night… it felt good!… I think I am on the road to recovery, but my network seems to be very very sick. Maybe it has allergies too? Well… I will continue to write on my blog, but I guess people will just have to see it at a later date.

“Am I sick … or am I not sick… that is the question”

You ever have this problem that when you are about the go to the doctor, all the sudden you feel better. I mean you may not really feel better, but just the thought of going to see a doctor for some minor stuff make you think that “this is stupid”. Well, this is how I am feeling right now. I don’t know if I feel better already or if the discomfort is still there and I am just use to it.

My appointment is at 3:30.

Sick, Sick, and still sick…. {sigh} …it really hurts me to see my girlfriend in such discomfort. The antibiotic should be kicking in anytime now.. so she should be feeling better soon. Pray for her everyone. Thanks!!!