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Weekend / Monthly Update with Min-Hsao Chen

So it has been a very long time since I wrote in my blog and since I am in the middle of my craziness at work on a Sunday, what better time to write a little bit about what have been going on so I won’t forget all the little things.

So Let’s start from now and go back to where we last left off…

Today.. I am working in the office today… overwhelmed with 2 major projects. Oh and I also receive my new glasses… which is incredibly fast.  I ordered them on line on 05/20/2010.  Which means I got them in 2 days!!!!! oh and it was only 15 dollars with lens and coatings and all!!! baby!!!

I may post a picture later if I have time.

Yesterday (05/22/2010), we spend an entire day looking for carpets and paint colors…. why? well… look below… 🙂

This past Friday (05/21/2010), I was suppose to be a home owner, however, the stupid lender decide not to fund in the last minute and then decided that they made a mistake and will be funding me.  So I will be closing on Monday!!! Oh … I guess I will be a home owner soon!!! yeah!!!

This past Friday was bike to work day, and I biked to work going my fastest getting to work for an 8AM meeting.  54minutes from my townhome to my office!!! just short of 14mile/hour average time.  I am getting stronger.  In the afternoon, I took on the challenge of 8th Ave NE going south bound.  Yes, it was a super step hill and on top of that it was pouring !!!!  I was soaked!!!

Wednesday, my folks arrived in Seattle.

Monday, I biked to work with my new bike seat… I felt the comfort and more power!!!

2 weeks ago… I was back in NYC for my second trip for my project.

about a month ago… oh I signed contract for a new house. 🙂

So did I miss anything?

Final Day around New York City

Our final day in NYC was pretty easy and relaxed. Vicky and I spend most of the time in central park and just relaxing and really enjoying the city. It makes me think that I maybe able to live here one day? oh maybe.. maybe not.

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Fourth Full Day in New York City

Today was another interesting day in New York.

The day started off with breakfast/brunch in a near by diner. Then the day of walking begins. So we first started walking toward time square. We thought about watching a show but in the end decided against it, that’s when we came across the M&M store. It was pretty amazing!!! we found these m&m golf ball and we’ve got this idea to take a series of pictures for the apartment. From there we walked toward the apple store to check out the iPad!!! Since today is the first day, it was amazing that I got a chance to touch one of them. And yes there are still available. My comment on the iPad? big iPhone! and it does not support traditional Chinese!!! What gives? yeah.. I would have probably purchased one for my folks if it supported traditional Chinese, but it doesn’t it only supported simplified Chinese.

We then walked toward united nations, we did stopped by a French dessert shop. Oh, it was really nice… it does remind me a bit of France.

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Third Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was my third full day in NYC.  It was also the first day that I don’t have to work in NYC.  And on top of that it was Good Friday.  The day started pretty late after sleeping in.  Since we were staying near Madison Park in The MAve Hotel, which btw reminds me of the hotel in Paris France.  Why?  Because of it’s small size in the hotel room and the modern hotel room design.  It even use a similar RFID door opening system. Cool huh?

So in the morning (more or less Noon time), after the complimentary  non-existing hotel breakfast,  we went back for a to Madison Park for a walk also to take some pictures more pictures of the flat iron building.  Afterward, we stopped by the Museum of Sex.  Yes it sounds really bad/good.  But in reality, it was a big waste of money.  Yes… the 5 minute gallery of history of condom is interesting, however, after that it was all pretty boring and could probably got most of the gallery items from a store like Lovers.

After the walk around the Madison Park area, we grabbed our stuff and move to our new location.  For this weekend, we are staying in a studio apartment 2 blocks from Central Park.  It is very nice even with a small balcony on the top floor of this old building.  The place is very small but it does have a kitchen.  And the price was good relative to the hotel in the near by area.

For lunch, Whole Foods.  Got some salad from Whole Food and ate on the bench of Central park while we people and dog watched.  Yep, since it was Good Friday, we saw so many people.

Around 5 we went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), since it is Friday after 4 it is free to enter. Oh my, the line was super long, however, it went through pretty quick and we were able to go in.  We saw almost everything except for the Tim Burton exhibit.

After MoMA,  we met up with some friends of Vicky and had a interesting Bday dinner at a cheap Thai place.  The food was crappy, but the company was great.  They even said that I don’t sound like I am from Seattle.  They said that they thought I was a New Yorker…  I guess that is a good thing right?

So after dinner around 10:45pm we decide to catch the last elevator up the Rockefeller Center Tower.  We ran few blocks from the restaurant near MoMA to Rockefeller center and we thought we were late, but we were not the last.  we got our tickets and got to the top.  At the check in, the attendant told us, we just help break their entry record.  Yes… with our help we broke their attendance record of 150,000 people in a day.  Wow…

And with the beautiful view of New York… that concluded another wonderful day in NYC.  Enjoy the pictures.

Our weekend apartment in New York

Oh just got to our weekend apartment in NYC. It’s small but nice!!!

Second Full Day around NYC.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had to work most of the day, but in the afternoon, I had a chance to enjoy the nice weather and walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  The view of south Manhattan was just beautiful.   I get a chance to check out the location of the former World Trade Center Towers.  It is amazing that it has been 9 years since the event.  I remembered exactly where I was when that happened.    After the walk around town, We had dinner at a local French Restaurant.  It was call Les Halles.  The food was good but wow… we accidently got an $8 bottle of water.  All I wanted was ice water.   I think that was the most expensive bottle of water I’ve ever drank and it tasted like tap water.

Anyways, today is a free day for me… so lots of exciting things to do today.

Enjoy the pictures.

First Full Day in NYC

After a full day of meetings in NYC with my clients, it was awesome to see Vicky!!! So after work today, my co-workers and I took a long wall to time square and got some dinner at the BBQ place called Virgil’s. It was pretty famous, but the sweet tea was not good and the BBQ was … well… just OK… Dream Land is much better.

Well… So you can check out some of the pictures from today :).

New York New York!!!

After a full day of travel, I am finally in New York City. So far my impression of NYC is that it is an amazing city with so much history. It reminded me alot of Paris. But then again, I haven’t been to that many big cities before. Even tough it was a super raining day, but it is still amazing to walk around town.


Want Curry? Curry in a Hurry?

On a flight to NYC!!!

So this week is my New York trip. It will be a pretty busy trip… but I think I will have a chance to return soon with my other projects in New York and NJ. So once again, I am on a Delta flight using the onboard Wi-Fi. It is pretty cool. This is my second time of using WiFi in mid air. Yeah … the world is changing.


Columbia River (Wenatchee)

Great Lakes

Wow, it’s Friday already?

This week just flew right by.  I can’t believe it is Friday already.  I still have so much stuff to do.  This week is pretty interesting.  I looked at many houses.  Some are very tempting because of the prices, some are very tempting because of the location, but I just have to found that house that I must have yet.  I wonder is it because I am valuing price too much? We will see … I will need to make a decision soon.  So… next week will be a super exciting week.  I will be in Las Vegas for first part of the week for CTIA.  For those of you that don’t know what CTIA is, it is the biggest Cellular Conference in the world.  Hopefully I will get a chance to learn some new things and maybe check out some new technology. The second part of next week, I may be going to NYC for the first time for a kick off meeting on Friday.  This should be pretty interesting.  So I will keep everyone updated.

Well, Happy Friday… oh and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Tennis? anyone?

Updating my blog and just chilling…

The last couple of days been pretty busy, with my family visiting… I moved from the master bed room to the guest bedroom, and from the guest bedroom to the office. But the exciting thing is my parents and my uncle from taiwan are all here in Seattle visiting me. It is good to be with family 🙂

So as for work… it has been pretty busy. Good news is that we got the NY project. Even after the lack of onsite interview… YEAH YEAH!!!! so NYC here I come.

More updates to come.

Remaining in Seattle after all …

{This is a backfill post}
What an interesting day today, I woke up early this morning, got ready and went to the airport. I parked my car in an off site parking lot, I got to the terminal, I went through the security line and I got to the gate. I was still early, so I went around and look for some food. I got an bottle of OJ and a musubi and went back to the gate. Shortly after, they started the boarding process. I checked in, walking half way through the jet way and then my boss came walking up from the airplane. He said. “well, I just talked to the pilot and they said they don’t understand why we’re still taking off”. The pilot also said that a lot of planes already got cancelled. So my boss ask us if we should go or not. Finally our boss decided to cancel our trip to New York and not risk the chance of getting stuck either in New York or worse get stuck halfway between here in New York because we’re unable to land in New York and miss our interview.

So after walking back out to the terminal, and pick my car back up … I was back to work in Seattle 🙂

Getting Ready for NYC!!!

I hardly can sleep last night. No no it is not because I did really well in the poker game last night but that was fun… thanks my friends for coming over. I am excited because I am going to NYC for the first time!!! No no I am not going there for fun, but for work and the bad news is that I will be returning tomorrow night. so more about NYC later today… have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!