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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Yesterday I had a dumpling making party :). Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!!

Happy New Year

Well, it has been almost one month since my last blog post. I have had some friends asking about what happened to my website and my blog? Well, it is still here… during my xmas party I has a network problem my with my quick attempt to fix it I ended up messing everything us and well.. the short of it is that I never restored my DHCP assignments back until today. I guess I was too lazy. So… so many things have had happened in the past month. I was home for two weeks for Christmas and new years. It was alot of fun. I was able to catch up with some of my friend from high school while I was back home. Now that was alot of fun. Coming backing to Seattle was pretty fun. Last week was pretty exciting for 2009. So the big news is that on Friday I got my car broken into and my backpack stolen. Yep…. that includes my macbook and portable hd and everything else. I am in the process of working with my insurance to try to get some of this recovered. So the thieves broke my back left door window and took my backpack. It really sucks. Well… I guess the good part of all this is that all my data was backed up on my time machine so when I got my new macbook pro on to the network, it was easily recovered back to the way it was. Yeah yeah!!!

yep you got it right… I upgraded as well.

So… tomorrow will be interesting, since my back window is shattered, I will not be able to drive my car until I get the window fixed.

still alot of work to do…

What a great way to start 2009 right?

ha ha ha… as for resolutions…. I have many this year… and oh we will see …


Hearing the fireworks outside reminds me of Shanghai!!
Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year!!! 2008

Well… it is 11:00 PST and one more hour until end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. So I have one hour to quickly reflect on some of the things in 2007. Before I forget… WAR EAGLE Auburn won the Chick-fil-a Bowl (the bowl formally know as the Peach Bowl). It was a classic Auburn game… down to the wire with an OT score of 23-20 Auburn. Today is my parent’s last day in Seattle, they are taking the red eye flight back to Alabama on New Years Eve. I miss them already. I can’t believe how quickly 2 weeks went by and all the sudden I am alone in my apartment.

So… 2007 was an interesting year. I accomplish some of the goals that I set in the beginning of the year… (look back on my old blog entry 😉 but not what happened in 2007…

– Well… the biggest thing is that I left Ephrata, WA and Grant County PUD. It was a good job and it was a wonderful place, however, I wanted more, so I took a new direction with my career. I did not start my own consulting firm, but I did join a consulting firm called Sparling.

– In 2007, I said good bye to few friends, I said hello to some new friends, and reconnected with some old friends. The most importantly, I re-establishing my relationship with Hsiu Hsiu. 🙂

– I did well in school in 2007.. goal accomplished All A’s for 2007… Yeah!!

– I bought a cookbook and started cooking more… however that changed when I move to Seattle.. work and school got busy.

– I did start investing.

– I converted to being a Mac User… I am on a macbook now 😉

– I bought an Iphone and I love it

– I turn 31… gosh I am getting old.

– All in all a pretty good year…

So… Goals for 2008
(in no specific order)

– Only 9 more credit hours left for school… Let’s go for all A’s.
– Go for the gold at work!!!
– Publish in a publication… (work encourages that too 😉
– By a house
– Visit Hsiu Hsiu more
– Visit family more
– Lose that dang weight!
– Snowboard at Whistler
– Cook more stuff myself 😀
– fix my stupid dents in my car…
– be more flexible and stop being so stubborn sometimes 😛

I am sure there are more things I should be listing… I will update it as I think of new things 🙂

Well… HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone…

Pigs and Butterfly

I love this video… it is great!!!
Well, it actually fits pretty well… since the year of the Pig is coming up (Chinese New Year) … so hey dance and celebrate!!!

My New Year eve…

Well.. just looking back… gosh… I did not do anything for the New Years cross over this year… it was just another night. My family are in town.. so I slept on the couch this week.. so the same happened, I was already asleep around 11:40… so when my friends called saying happy new year… I was dead asleep. I heard some fireworks but I was just so tired and continue to sleep. Now I am fully recharged… 😀

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Welcome to 2007!!!!… ok I know it is not yet for me when I am writing this but hey… it is 2007 some where in the world.

So looking back, I have accomplish some things in 2006…
– I turned 30… 😀
– I started to snowboard
– I got a new car!!! G35!!!
– I finished 3 classes this year!!! woo hoo

So… what are my goals for next year?

Let’s see…
1) Finish my Cert. Exams … if I don’t, my CCNA will expire … yikes
2) Start my consulting company
3) Start saving up some money for my future needs
a) a mac computer
b) an European trip
4) Start investing in stocks
5) Get all A’s in my classes for 2007
6) Lose some weight
7) Make over 6 digits… ha ha ha … yeah wishful thinking.

anything else… I am sure there are lot more stuff I should be doing and getting prepare to do, but oh well…

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

My parents were soooo surprised yesterday. They were really sad that I could not come home for the new year and when I showed up and surprised them they were so shocked and happy!!! it is good to spend time back for for Chinese New Year. and of course the food at home was wonderful. Gosh. even with my numb tongue… I can taste and feel the wonderful flavors of Mom’s cooking.

Well, I am sitting in the airport.. waiting on my flight to Birmingham. It is so noisy here.. but it will be ok. I will be in bham shortly and then I will be home… Surprise Mom :D.
Happy New Year Everyone! Posted by Picasa

Weekend is rapidly appoarching. Oh BTW .. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
Saturday is Chinese New Years Eve. This will be the Year of the Dog.

Happy New Year!!!

Well, this is day 2 of my trip here. I miss the Superbowl yesterday… and I still don’t even know who won yet. But that is ok, I had a chance to spend some good and quality time with my Hsiu Hsiu. Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve, though it is a little bit strange not being home with my family on this day, but I think we will still have alot of fun here. Boy… I just have to say… there are people everywhere here in Shanghai. WOW.

Happy Chinese New Year….

I know it is a little late… but Oh well…

I been really busy with everything else in the world … I have not really had time to work on my site or my blog. I will try to dedicate some time everyday from now on to work on my site.

Wow. I can’t believe it is the last day of 2003 already. I can’t believe I am still at work. what? I never work on New Years eve. But things change. So many things have happened this past year. Let’s review shall we. The two most important things are …

1) I am no longer in Houston, Texas working for El Paso Corp. I now work for Grant County PUD in Ephrata, Washington as a telecom engineer.

2) I am engaged!!! yep, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend on November 1, 2003.

Then there are other things that happened around the world …

3) Big SARS scare in the beginning of the year

4) Auburn’s Football season was not as wonderful and spectacular as everyone expected.

5) US declared war on Iraq.

6) Saddam was captured.

7) Gundam Seed and Last Exile Ended this year. Oh.. Gundam Seed… What a great anime!!

And tons of other stuff

Sigh… it sucks not able to watch Auburn Football today. why? Because I am at work. I believe this will be my first New Year all by myself. how aweful!!! But I got good friends and family. They are watching the game in Auburn and MSN message me the plays. You just can’t beat that!!!

War Eagle!!! and go Auburn Tigers!!!

So� I guess everyone is wondering what happened this weekend� I mean �why did I not post anything about the Chinese New Year??� Well, all I have to say is that I had a lot of fun going back to Auburn for the Chinese New Year. It really felt like a traditional New Years celebration. I think the only thing that was missing was firecrackers.

So here is what happened.

Friday 01/31/2003

I took a half day of PTO, so I can get back to Auburn in time for dinner. We tried to get to the airport as quickly as possible. Well, at least I was hoping if we get there early enough my be we will get upgraded to first class. Well, that was not the case. Anyway� we arrived in Atlanta around 4:30 pm CST. My girl friend Hsiu Hsiu was there to pick us up. I took the keys and drive back to auburn. We got to Auburn just a little over 6 pm CST. When we walked in the door, everyone was already there. My parents have invited 9 other guests. It was a very warm and happy event. Of course the food was great. My mom cooked over a dozen different dishes. It was a very, very, complete Chinese dinner.

After dinner, we all stayed around and watched a very funny Hong Kong movie called �Conman 2002�. Now, after that comes the fun part. So what happened? Well, after most of our guest left, my mom, dad, sister, girlfriend, and I sit down and started a game of Mahjong. Well, it is sort of a Chinese tradition to stay up waiting for the New Year and play games like Mahjong. Anyway, I was extremely lucky that night. Pretty much which ever tiles I need or want I can draw it from the pool. In one instance, I even got a same suite, self draw, and it was my 3 continue as the bank!!! For those of you don�t know what that means, it means everyone pays me ton of money � hee hee hee� Ok ok� I have to give Hsiu Hsiu most of the credit� she was sitting next to me the entire night, giving me guidance on what to play�so I guess� she was my lucky charm �right? So after around 12:30 or 1, we finally finished 4 rounds.

Saturday 02/01/2003

Well, Saturday was another interesting day. First, let�s give a moment of silence to the crew of the space shuttle Columbia. It was a very tragic day for the US space program, but I am sure that the space program will continue. So when did you find out about Columbia? Well, I was picking up my girlfriend on Saturday to go to lunch with my family for my sister�s birthday, when I heard the shocking news. Yep, my little sister is turning 20� can you believe that? Anyway, we went to Red Lobster � the lunch was great. Afterward, I went over to Hsiu Hsiu�s place to prepare for the Chinese student association�s new years banquet. The banquet was nice� it was a lot smaller then I remembered. I guess it is because there are less and less Taiwan students in Auburn now days. {sigh} But going back to Auburn University, brings back a lot of memories. So after dinner� guess what� Mahjong again�. Well, tonight, I was not so lucky� but I still did not loose that much�

Sunday 02/02/2003

Time to head home� Well, I slept very well on Sunday. Why? It might be because I stayed up so late for the last couple of nights. Anyway, got up around 10 � head to mass around 10:30 and we were back around 12:00� called up Hsiu Hsiu for lunch at my parents� around 2� we heading to Atlanta for my plane ride back home� Houston home that is. So I finally walked back in my home in Houston around 8:30 or so last night. And that concludes my new year�s weekend� so how did you spend your Chinese New year??

New Year … woo hoo… I am going home tomorrow….

Well… yesterday was really a blur…so .. I did not leave work until 9:40am yesterday. Yep… about 16 hours at work. Pretty fun huh? Well, after I got home I took a shower and head to bed. I got up about 5 hours later and got ready for Superbowl. Well, Superbowl was a big disappointment. 21-48 … what a blow out…. but still Scott, Wendy, and baby John came over and we had a wonder dumpling dinner… anyway… couple more days until Chinese New Year… Wooo Hoo!!!

Everyone always have goals for the new year, since it is only the 7th day in to the New Year, I guess it is not too late to list my goals for this year. So here it goes.

1) Work on taking the GRE and get in to a grad. school.

2) Work on getting my CCNP

3) Save some money and repay all debts

4) Keep my place clean and tidy

5) Keep in shape … workout or exercise everyday.

6) Finally, find a way to be closer to my girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu. I miss her so much!

Happy New Year, everyone!! It’s 2003 get ready for another wonderful year!!!