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The tales of the two microphones of iPhone 4

A while ago, mom started to complain about low volume when using Facetime with me. At first I thought it was just my mom’s computer volume not turned up, but when I made a recording after the Auburn Alabama game with my iPhone 4’s video camera, I realized that my volume was really really low. I then realized that the problem is not on the far end but on my iPhone itself. I used the voice recorder to test the mic and it was fine, but when I tested video recording the sound quality was muffled and very quiet. After some online research, I’ve found that there are two microphones on the new iPhone 4. the second mic suppose to be for noise cancelation, however, I believe it is also the primary mic for video recording.

This is the first mic.

This is the second mic.

So what I did was to use a needle to pick up the dirt that is trap in the second mic. CAUTION!!!! be careful. Do not force it or you may destroy your mic.

But after I cleaned the second mic hole, the recording video sound quality returned and Facetime sound quality also returned.

Good luck!!!

Woo Hoo … New iPhone 4!!!

So about an hour ago… after an hour wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Lynnwood, I finally got my new iPhone.  This is my 3rd version of iPhone and I am pretty excited.  I am still very very surprised that I was in line to get a phone.  I am pretty surprised, but it was all a mistake on my part for not get it shipped to my house.  However, I did meet a very interesting person while waiting ini the line.  This gentleman is an iPhone developer.  He actually developed few really simple apps that make him enough money to quit his full time job and to go back to college.  That is truly inspiring!!!  His app is called “magic card”.  What is also very interesting is that he is the personal friend of Al Gore.  That is a shock.

Anyways… off to playing with my new iPhone  🙂

My quest for an iPhone 4

So today I went to the apple store to pick up the iPhone.  What a line for a reservation??? WTF!?!?!?  The reservation line was longer than the regular line.  It extended all the way to PF Changs!!!!

I guess I will be getting my iPhone 4 in the afternoon… or I may not be getting my iPhone 4 at all!!!

Another Monthly Update

It’s been almost a month since my last blog posting.  Things have been moving pretty fast.  Finally moved in to my new house.  It’s great, however, almost everything is still in the garage.  I’ve been really busy with my New York project.  I was just back there this past week.  It seems that I’ve been alot busier than ever before.  The house requires constant caring.  Just yesterday I repaired my doors, just last week changed locks, just today, I fixed the guest toilet from leaking.  And as soon as the rain stops and dries up a bit, I will need to mow my lawn.

So, what else been going on? Well… I pre-ordered a new iPhone 4.  I will be picking that up on Thursday!!!!

Last day of July 2009

July 2009 has been an interesting Month.

1) 10 bike rides to work this month, yes today is my 10th trip to work!!! only 87 more to go!!! So with the total work days of 22 work days this week I rode 10 trips.

10/22 = .454545 = 45% of my working days are riding to work.

2) Seattle hits the record heat temperature this week. 103F+ Super Hot!!!

3) I started to count calories in conjunction with my bike riding. Yes I am trying to get fitter and maybe get back to my goal of 175. I have a long way to go

4) I discovered the Seattle Public Library this month!!! Wonderful Place!!!

5) I wrote my first Iphone app this month.

6) Tried to do online ads this month and got shut down because of suspicious clicks. What gives google???

7) We won our first volleyball game this month. Hopefully next month we will win our first set!!!! Current record 3-37.

Overall, it has been a good month… there are few things that I do need to change and improve. School work needs to be completed!!!

But all in all I think I am making a little progress.


So… yeah… I wrote my first Iphone App today and it’s actually pretty cool. Oh it is just a silly random generator app, with a bit of twist to it. It is a B number generator. Well, since I am a consultant and we are always ask about billable hours and where each minute of our working hour is going to charge to, this silly app will provide just that. Ha ha ha… I know it is completely useless, but yes… it will provide minutes of fun… ha ha ha …

oh… I also started a second blog documenting my experience…

It is a site for all my little side projects.

One week review with my New Iphone 3GS

So it has been one week since I got my IPHONE 3GS and how do I feel?

Well… pretty mixed up…

So a bit of background … my previous phone was an original IPHONE. It worked fine except for the power button. It was not always responsive, and it was a bit used (AKA a bit dented up).

So here is my short list of Pro’s and Cons.

1) Great new camera on the Iphone 3GS. with this new camera, Evernote is so awesome and great!!! but of course you can do pretty much the same with a macro lens case from Griffen. But auto focus is pretty awesome.

2) Voice activation is cool. Even does chinese!!!

3) International input is awesome .. it even does Chinese with zhu-yin.

4) The 32 Gig is super awesome!!!

5) Video is cool.

6) Speed is pretty fast … a bit faster than my old silver back.

7) Gosh the speaker phone is so much better then my old phone. I got one of the bad batch with bad speakers.

8) Earphone jack was not recessed. Yeah no more adapters. Of course 3G would be the same.

9) Compass is cool… haven’t really used it much yet.

10) 3G and GPS is really cool… check out everytrail… it is so cool!!! you can do the same with Iphone 3G

11) A2DP is AWESOME!!! of course this will also work on 3G Iphone

12) oh and nice power % for the battery. It seems that you can only do this on the 3GS.

13) Same size as the old Iphone.. so all 3G accessories work… YEAH!!!


1) 3G drop calls is really really bad. I have never experienced this with my old EDGE silverback. But with my 3G phone .. 4 dropped call in 30 minutes. It may be just AT&T; or it maybe my phone. We will have to see.

2) Battery life. I don’t think it is any better battery life than my old silverback. It maybe psychological, but with the power percentage constantly on display I feel like the battery life drops pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong, it does last me a full day of phone use.

3) Black plastic back, I miss my old silver back. It is a hardy little phone… everyone that have seen my phone knows how hardy it is.

4) Stupid earphone… new earphone with volume control next to the mic for the iphone… so now it is even more expensive to get a replacement.

5) .. and that’s about it.. I think…

So … in conclusion, should you get one? Oh I think you should get one if you don’t have an IPhone or if you have a first gen iphone and really like gadgets. Or else I would recommend sticking with the IPhone 3G or just buy the 99 dollars iphone 3G. It pretty much does everything that the new 3GS does… you really won’t notice any difference.

Do I like it… Yeah… I really like it and I use it … ALOT!!!

23 hours later…

so I got my Iphone 3GS yesterday, and it is amazing except I can’t use it. Well, I can use it, but pretty much as an Ipod touch. Why? because AT&T; states that it would take up to 48 hours to have my phone activated. 48 hours!!!! oh my gosh… I hope that is not 48 working hours… that would mean I will not have my phone activated until Tuesday? :O … seriously, I think it just means 48 hours max… or at least I sure hope so. So after waiting for 22 hours … I finally gave in and decided to look online for some solutions. I found that some one posted the following:

(1) Call 800-331-0500

(2) Dial 0 and then 0 again

(3) Ask the customer rep nicely to activate you.

(4) Give them your SIM Card # and IMEI. To find this quickly, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, click on “General,” then “About.” The “ICCID” is your SIM card and the one above that, IMEI is the other number they need.

(5) They will ask you to shut down your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.

(6) When the phone turns back on, you should be activated.

so I gave it a try….

After the lady updated my account and my IMEI number and it still did not work… I got passed around to Apple and then back to AT&T; like a hot potatoe.

and more waiting…..

30 minutes later … still no activated phone…

48 minutes later … after they finally change my numbers on their system it all the sudden worked.

What they did was to change the system’s IMEI number to my new Iphone and also change my SIM Card number to my new Iphone’s sim card. and now it all works.

so 23 hours laters after I got my iPhone, I have a fully working Iphone 3GS.

AT&T; Wireless… Thanks for for activating it … but you guys really sucks…

Thursday… This week is flying by…

Way too much stuff going on…

– So yeah… I started twittering … not like I have alot of time… but I just started since few of my good friends are all on it. I’ve got to keep in the loop I guess and see what the hype is all about. But this is very interesting, there is a trending topics column on the side. This means that if everyone is tweeting what they are thinking then the most commonly thought of topic would appear. What would be interesting is if it is possible to artificially create a trend in the twitter ecosystem?? hummm…. interesting.

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 is pretty cool… been having alot of fun with it. I am waiting on my Iphone 3GS. My friends been asking me for my old Iphone and I would love to give it to a caring person… however, anyone who have seen my iPhone will know that it is pretty beaten up… yep.. power button don’t respond all the time.. and a small dent in the back… yeah… pretty beaten up. So I am thinking a retirement party for it and then off the the lab it goes…;)

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 supports CalDAV which means I can activitly interact with googlecal, since it also supports CalDAV. So I use googlecal as a centralize keeper for all 3 of my calendars (work, personal, school). The only thing that I found is that the update is not as quickly as I thought and I can’t find a way to force update yet. Also no push notification when an invitation is sent to the calendar, oh bummer.

– so yeah… my work for graduation is still in progress… don’t ask how far along… it will happen when it happens… no pressure please… thanks… 😉

IPhone OS 3.0 Upgraded …

After an early scare on my upgrade… I went from a jailbroken iphone OS 2.2.1 to a standard 1st gen. Iphone OS 3.0. At first I was getting the emergency dialing only screen. This is because the Apple App store server was busy and had issues. For a while I thought I bricked my old Iphone. But I am happy to announce that it is back and for two more days of service before it’s retirement.

But so far I am pretty happy with it. Well, besides the fact that I can’t use tethering everything is very cool.

– The search spotlight is pretty awesome.
– Copy and Paste!!!! Woo hoo finally!!!
– Push is awesome
– International.. now I can type chinese in Zhuyin!!! … I can send my little sister messages in chinese hee hee… maybe even get my parents an Iphone
– caldav is awesome!!! now I can sync my calendar over the air…

I can’t wait until I get my 3GS… then I can..

– A2DP…
– better camera with auto focus and macro… great with Evernotes… yeah!!!
– voice commands
– never get lost with a digital compass
– Auto Car wash with iphone
– Solve all homework problems on the fly
– acts like a vaccuum and sweeper with the new 3GS

oh… how wonderful is technology…:)

Taking Iphone classes from Stanford

So… I’ve been thinking about Iphone programming and been working on learning some. The wonderful thing about internet is that you can take some free classes online. So I’ve decided to take some free IPhone programming classes from Stanford. So far it has been pretty cool. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.

My first Iphone app

So… I woke up this morning feeling smarter with my new glasses on and figure out what was wrong with my “hello world” iphone app program. yeah… it just ended up that I was not running it on the simulator that is why I was getting a “code sign error”. So as soon as I fixed that the simple … I mean really simple “hello world” ran and I got an app that spits out “hello world”. Yeah!!!

“Hello World” is the confident builder when we geeks learn a new language.
Oh so yeah…I got my new frame in yesterday. Woo hoo… this time the lens were correct and the size was correct too. Gosh I have a big head. So how do I look?

All in all, my experience with online eyeglasses shopping was fair. I guess the important thing is to find the proper size and be really patient. In a modern on demand world, waiting two weeks for a pair of glasses just feels pretty painful, but you are paying only $55 verses $200 to $400. so yeah… it is a trade off.

IPhone OS 3.0

So… Today Apple.. the computer company not the music label or the fruit… did a preview of their upcoming Iphone OS 3.0. It is pretty amazing. Finally, they are going to turn my little Iphone to something that is friendly with all the cool Bluetooth devices around. I mean… I remember my old SE t616 I can do so much with Bluetooth… but of course it also had a bluetooth vulnerability that can allow anyone to download the entire phonebook without any alerts, but let’s not talk about that. Anyways… I took some notes … and this is what I noted about the preview today.

– Peer to Peer Bluetooth apps… Automatic discovery… Cool
– medical equipment for iphone… blood pressure cool… and maybe something for diabetics? Aw… they do have something for diabetics.. however they need to have some implant device so you don’t have to poke.

– Turn by turn.. woo hoo.. except with B.Y.O.M… Bring your own map… which means.. a nav system will likely cost around 99 dollars or so from the app store. We will see.

– Universal Push… Sweet.. this will really help with our new side project idea.
– copy and paste … Finally!!!!
– land scape keyboard … humm… not much a big deal for me.
– Search in Email and calendar … Nice… I needed this… even search on server too!!!
– Note Sync … Woo hoo .. but already using only Evernote
– Voice notes… already doing it in Evernote
and stereo bluetooth A2DP… WOO HOO… no more cable in my car!!!!
… Oh but wait.. what is that .. A2DP will not work on 1st Gen Iphone???? oh damn you Apple… forcing me to upgrade!!!

Proxy Sensor!!! oh.. imagine the possibilities.. like a do not touch app…
Voice chat API over WIFI!!!! …. wooo …cool!!!!

All in all pretty cool deal … I can’t wait to play with it this summer.

Oh Finally… Hotmail on Iphone!!!

Oh… after so many months of dissing Hotmail and the Microsoft Hotmail team… Finally… they opened up Hotmail… and allow POP3.;=x.

So finally, now I can check my hotmail from my one personal device!!!! YEAH!!!!

so… only if they have IMAP… am I asking for too much????

Bose and Pioneer

So… let’s talk about some retro audio.
About a year ago, I picked up a set of Bose 301 Series 2 speakers. Yeah, these speakers were pretty good back in the 70’s and the early 80’s. I faintly remember my Dad’s friends having one of those and everyone was wow-ing around the speakers. (This was back in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1985). So, I had these speaker for a pretty long time and I just have not had a chance to use them or anything to power them. I’ve been looking for a receiver to power the speakers, but I really did not want to spend 100 to 1000 dollars for a receiver to power my little cheap ass 5 dollar speakers. So… my search continued for a while. But after talking to my AV buddies at work, they said that they had a very old receiver that I can use. Last night, I got the receiver and finally hooked it up.

The receiver I got was a Pioneer SX-550. I think it was a middle of the line receivers in the late 70’s. Well.. it matched well, with my 5 dollar Bose speakers. To bring this setup to the modern age, I connect the receiver speaker setup to my Apple Airport express and feed it the music from my iTunes.

Yep, ultimately, it did not sound too bad at all, and the best part is I can control everything from my Iphone 🙂

Yeah… If I have an Apple TV that would be nice too..

I need to update my blog/website

Yes yes… maybe little things been changing here and there on my website, but not much have really changed. I haven’t updated my photo section in years. I have had few ideas on doing some enhancements but just never got off my lazy butt to do it. Well.. my friend Ann started a new food/restaurant review blog called … The Divine Slice. Gosh … it really make my blog looks weak. I need to spend some time redoing my blog and give it a face lift. I mean After 3… I mean 6 years of blogging this well be the second major face lift if I can finally decide to do one. Maybe even make it Iphone compatible right??? Well… whatever it is I need to get it done before next week. Yeah.. school starts…

Did you know….. I also have an alternative site???

UPDATE: oops… I forgot that was never forward to my new mac mini server… DOH DOH DOH!!!…

Playing with the Iphone

It been 1 month and 1 day since I bought my Iphone and I have to say it is a great great device. Now with that said, there are few features that it is lacking. It lacks few features that I had on Sony Ericsson W600i or my Nokia N8o. The features it is missing are as follows:

1) no Bluetooth Tethering. Not any easy ways to use my phone as a modem for my laptop.
2) no To Do list application
3) no Voice recording
4) no Voice activation dialing
5) no flash for camera
6) no video camera
7) Lacks 3G

But even lacking these few features, the iphone is still a great great phone and here is why.

1) no Bluetooth Tethering… but it is really not necessary since the Iphone provide the best User Interface for using the internet on a mobile device I have ever seen. It is better than my SE W600i or the Nokia N80 web browser (wish is pretty good but not as good as the mobile safari) or even windows mobile or any pocket PC browsers. It is just simple and intuitive.

2) No To do List ,but it does have a note application… however it doesn’t sync with the mac applications which sucks. But it’s fine… because you can use the web to do some of this features.

3)Visual Voice Mail is just awesome

4)Simple conference calling is super awesome and easy to use.

5)Wifi enabled… yes it does lack 3g, however, the Edge network is not that back, and most of the time Wifi makes it very usable and the auto detecting feature and the power management on the iphone’s wifi makes it really really usable.

6)Even though both the W600i and N80 supports MP3s and even Videos, it even has partial sync abilities with itunes, the iphone syncs much cleaner and so much better… especially with podcast and video podcasts. For me, now i can just click and go on my school lectures…. super nice!!!

7)Same as the music feature, both the W600i and the N80 can view pictures… but nothing is like the photo album on my iphone. It is so easy to share my photos on the road and the syncing process is so simple. Click and go. The best part is that I can even hit Picasaweb or Flickr on the fly with iphone webapps. Super nice.

8)The camera isn’t the best but it is actually not too back, it a pretty good 2.0 megapixel camera

9) The youtube feature is pretty cool as well. I have already used it to show off my youtube video

10) Google maps is amazing with the Iphone. So useful in finding locations and seeing traffic conditions.

11) Finally, it has a pretty Awesome battery life. For what it is worth, it has much much much better battery life than the N80 with the wifi turned on.

So all in all, I am super happy with my Iphone. I’ve also have thought about writing few web apps for the iphone. I think it would be fun. With additional features coming up in the next firmware updates it is an excellent device and I am happy to have gotten it.

So would I recommend it? heck yeah… I would recommend it definitely. Sell your Ipod and sell your cellphone and buy an iphone. You will enjoy it. As for the hacking it? nah.. not now… I am waiting for the SDK in Feb. After that I will decide.

What will I do when the 3g iphone comes out? Well.. that’s simple… sell my current one and upgrade!!!

😉 Happy New Year everyone.. I hope everyone enjoyed their first day of work in 2008.